The Official 2015 LIB Artwork By Tycho

The Official 2015 LIB Artwork By Tycho

We are proud to present the official artwork of Lightning in a Bottle 2015 created and designed by LIB alum, Tycho!

Scott Hansen has been a world-respected graphic designer for many years. Working under his artist pseudonym, ISO50, he runs a business and blog out of Berkley, CA in addition to creating beautiful music as Tycho.

The ISO50 moniker is rooted in more than just one of Hansen’s projects, including his graphic design work, online blog and merchandise shop. Having done freelance graphic design for a slew of companies, Hansen ultimately found his personal niche in design and branched out to form ISO50; creating pieces reflective of his personal style. Following his passion for developing and displaying his (as well as other artist’s) work, the ISO50 blog was born. Featuring articles by five different writers, and serving as a source of inspiration, the thread boasts topics on music, art, and culture. Hansen’s shop allows users to integrate his designs into their everyday life by offering products like shirts and posters with his work blasted on them. He also, of course, sells his music on the site.

Take a look at his blog and go visit his shop to see more what ISO50 is all about.

Here's more from Tycho/ISO50/Scott Hansen on his LIB experiences as performer, artist, and attendee:
"A lot of my friends have been going to LIB for years and I’ve always wanted to go. When we finally got a chance to play the festival I immediately felt a sense of community that was very inspiring. When LIB contacted me about designing some images for them it seemed like a perfect opportunity to apply the aesthetic I’ve been developing for Tycho to a physical space. I was really inspired by the images my friend, photographer Daniel Zetterstrom, had captured of the event the year prior and set about incorporating them into a sort of idealized vision of what a gathering of people around art and music could be. I tried to create images that felt less literal and more like the memories people would take away from the event.”
- Scott Hansen (ISO50 / Tycho)

Download a Facebook Cover Photo version of the art HERE and show your LIB love!


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