Temple Music Spotlights

Temple Music Spotlights

Mia Doi Todd & Fabiano Do Nascimento

Mia Doi ToddFabiano and Mia met in Los Angeles almost a decade Fabiano Do Nascimento ago. Fond of one another’s music they formed a friendship and began cultivating ideas for a collaboration. In 2014 they manifested this as Floresta, an album that brings Mia’s beautiful voice and fresh interpretations of Brazilian classics together with Fabiano’s prodigious guitar techniques and virtuosity that is unlike any other. Together they have bridged the gap between the deep legacy of traditional, folkloric music from South America and the 21st century.

Mia Doi Todd is a prolific singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. With her music she strives to communicate a new perspective - one that transports the listener into the ecstatic radiance of intimate Love, and one that is yearning with an overall optimistic vision for the future of Planet Earth and the human experience.

Fabiano do Nascimento, a veteran of the LIB temple stage, is a guitarist/composer from Brazil, with authentic sound and exceptional skill. Fabiano’s music derives roots from Brazilian Traditional Folk, Choro, Bossa Nova, Samba, and Jazz.

This year Mia and Fabiano will both be offering individual sets with their own musical groups but will also grace the Temple with a very special collaborative set. Coming together, they will transport the audience on a journey through Floresta, as they showcase a repertoire of carefully selected songs.
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