5 Reasons You Should Experience a Sound Bath at LIB

If you’ve been to LIB before, you’ve probably seen a group of people lie down in a circle of gongs, with small pillows over their eyes. An array of sound healers are ringing the gongs and the tonal vibrations are traveling far and wide. The remarkable Gong Sanctuary at LIB is created and presented by Danny Goldberg & Guy Douglas. We took some time to chat and they shared a bit about why it’s such an important part of the festival.

Should you join in? Is it worth waiting for?


The practice of listening to the ancient sounds produced by gongs and singing bowls in order to reach a deep state of meditation is known by many names. It’s “sound baths” to some and “sound healing” to others.

Sound Healing is a powerful, transformative experience. Here’s five reasons why:

  1. Feel amazing. A sound bath is a vibrational massage from head to foot, a harmonious pick-me-up that is going to feel *so good* after a day or two of camping and dancing. You know that moment you just want to chill? Imagine getting a gentle lullaby of loving vibes.
  1. Clears away the thoughts that no longer serve you. Sound meditation facilitates deep meditative states. Yogi Bhajan says that after just 15-20 minutes of ringing the gongs, all thoughts stop. Usually when we try to meditate, we find that it’s challenging to get to that space of ultimate stillness. Sound meditation brings us to a deeper space in a shorter period of time. It’s like days of seated meditation, or a whole vipassana, in just an hour of time.
  1. Relax and release your emotions. We all hold habitual attitudes and postures that we’re barely aware of. When these are cleared away in a sound meditation, particularly with the use of gongs, there can be a tremendous emotional release. “For centuries people across the world have used gongs to aid in emotional development, in fact” says Danny Goldberg “even the Pathegorians used it to ‘tune the soul’.” A sound meditation session helps you take the time to transform yourself.
  1. Open up the pathways to joy, inspiration and creativity. As your body is bathed in loving vibes, every part of you slowly softens into receptivity. This opens you up to receive the celestial sounds. You’ll be surprised by the magic that comes into your world when you’re in a state of receptivity. Expect joy, inspiration and creativity.
  1. Experience Incredible Healing. Both these talented sound healers, Danny Goldberg and Guy Douglas, have been doing exceptional work with gongs and singing bowls for over a decade. This is the fifth year of “The Gong Sanctuary” at LIB, and it will be a profound medicinal experience to all who attend.


Check out the Events of Guy and Danny Goldberg pre-LIB!

Events with Guy Douglas in San Francisco and Oakland

If you’re in San Francisco, a preview experience of Sound Meditation will be available before LIB at “The Holistic Chamber of Sound with Guy Douglas” from April 23-24th. In May, Guy Douglas is also doing a benefit concert for the San Francisco Suicide Prevention Center at Grace Cathedral.

Facebook      Website

Learn more about tickets and showtimes in SF here.

Learn more about tickets and showtimes in Oakland here.

On May 20th, 500 to 1,000 San Franciscans are going to gather and drop into a deep meditation with the use of sound. Guy Douglas is putting on a benefit concert for San Francisco Suicide Prevention at Grace Cathedral.

This event will be a powerful convergence of sound healers, led by Guy Douglas and featuring gongs, singing bowls, handpan and more.

Get Tickets Here!

Events with Danny Goldberg in the Bay Area

Sunday, May 15th, 8:00pm-9:30pm
Sacred Sound Ceremony- Presented by Danny Goldberg & Jonah-Kai w/ special guests
Pacific Cultural Center- 1307 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz-
THIS EVENT FILLS! Please arrive early & bring a yoga mat, blanket/pillow
$20- advance        $25- at the door- 


Thursday, May 19th, 7:45-8:45pm
Sound Immersion w/ Gongs & Singing Bowls by Danny Goldberg

Menlo Pilates & Yoga- 1011 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA
$20-advance           $25-door

Friday, May 20th, 7:30-9:30pm


Restorative Yoga w/ Katie Jacobson- Gongs & Singing Bowls w/Danny Goldberg

Pacific Cultural Center- 1307 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz, CA
Please arrive early & bring a yoga mat, blanket/pillow
$30- advance      $35- door – 

Saturday, May 21st, 7:00-8:00pm

Sound Meditation w/ Gongs & Singing Bowls by Danny Goldberg

Independence Hall- 2955 Woodside Rd., Woodside, CA

To sign up in advance email:     Cost- $20

Sunday, May 22nd, 7:00-8:30pm

Restorative Yoga w/ Linda Hennessey Roth- Sound Healing w/ Danny Goldberg

Kings Mountain Community Center- 13889 Skyline Blvd., Woodside, CA

$25-advance (E-mail-    $30-door


Written by Simona Marie Asinovski,  Director of Sound Meditation SF (co-founded with Guy Douglas); dedicated to spreading the practice.

by: Simona Asinovski

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