Getting Here Guide

5 Tips For A Smooth Arrival Day


5 Tips For A Smooth Arrival Day 

  • Credentials On & Ready – Wristbands on left wrists, vehicle pass stickers affixed to lower drivers side window.
  • Easy Access to ID’s – Will call and guests list, you need these to pick up your tickets!
  • Do Your Research – Scope the map, read the arrival guide and get familiar with your options before you get here.
  • Mange Expectations – There is ONE road in and out of LIB, so you can expect the ingress process to be slow during peak arrival times. Embrace this reality and remember what’s on the other side.
  • Practice Patience & Gratitude – We ask for your patience and cooperation as our team moves all of you in as safely and quickly as possible. Smile, give hugs and show your appreciation where you can.


Arriving together is the ONLY WAY to guarantee a camping spot next to friends. Once a campground is full, the entrance will be closed. Even if your friends saved space for you, no more vehicles will be allowed to enter a closed campground.

by: Allegra Sotudeh