7 Off-beat Yoga Classes You Won’t Find at Your Neighborhood Studio

If there’s one thing you can expect from your experience at Lightning in a Bottle, it’s that the opportunities to explore new paths and adventure into new activities are vast. Many past participants will tell you that one of the best parts of the weekend is waking up after a long night of getting down on the dance floor and heading to one of the many yoga sessions we have to offer. And these aren’t just any yoga classes – they’re funky, unique, weird, and beautifully magical. To give you a little taste, here are seven of the classes you’ll find onsite that you definitely won’t find at your local studio.

HOOP VINYASA with Michelle Bouvier

Take your yoga practice to the next level of creativity by combining it with hoop dance. By meshing the empowering, inspirational act of vinyasa flow with the playful fun of hoop dance, you’ll explore our non-linear world in an entirely new way.  And fear not – no hoop dance experience is necessary, so come ready to explore.

Michelle explains why you should join whether you’re new to Hoop Dance or not!  “Hoop vinyasa keeps our mind engaged using the hoop as a guide through curvilinear paths and as a prop for physical alignment. This is not a hoopdance class, so don’t worry about your hooping skills!” The best way to be is open. These classes are meant to inspire curiosity and deep listening, not perfection or performance. We will move at a pace that includes everyone, starting simple before building on the basics. It is unlikely that the movements will be familiar to anyone already, so we will all celebrate being in beginner’s mind together! There is something for everyone, I promise!”


Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom

Awakening Aphrodite: Sensual Belly Dancing for Women with Jacqui Lalita

Prepare to tap into your sensuality and wild divine feminine mysteries through belly dancing, a truly remarkable way to awake your inner strength and life-force energy. Jacqui Lalita, who is leading the class, explains that she “loves teaching this class because it unlocks so much power and passion in women that they get to take home with them and bring into their daily lives.”

Even if you’re not the belly dancing pro, this class is worth giving a shot. It’s open to anyone and everyone, regardless of how rhythmic that pep in your step is.

Jacqui explains why she’s so passionate about this class: I love teaching this class because it unlocks so much power and passion in women that they get to take home with them and bring into their daily lives. This is a dance for ALL women regardless of age or ability. Simply come with a willingness to let your hips and heart be moved by ancient melodies and rhythms.”


Deep Energy Clearing with Gianna De La Torre

Aside from her pivotal role as one of this year’s lead Yoga & Movement producers, Gianna is also offering 2 expansive yoga classes throughout the weekend. Deep Energy Clearing is the class to go to if there is anything weighing you down mentally, emotionally, or physically. Even if you just need to let go of all the preparation it required to arrive at the festival, you’ll leave feeling grounded, stretched, and clear about why you’re there.

Gianna shares why she believes LIB is the best setting for newcomers to hit the mat: “There is no better place to try a first yoga class than LIB!  I strive to teach beginners one crucial tool that they can take along with them on their yoga journey.  Sometimes the most simple tools can be the most profound, even to experienced practitioners.  Classes I teach at LIB are a collaboration of love.  It’s a treat to teach in a gorgeous open air space with talented Djs to a community that I adore.  It’s a very open-minded and open-hearted experience.”

Photo by Daniel Jung

Ecstatic Dance: Mystery School Medicine with DJ DRAGONFLY

Take a break from the mat and get on your feet for some of LIB’s movement offerings! Before it was called “Ecstatic Dance” there was Dragonfly. His mixes are constantly taking us to the ecstatic edge of now on a magic carpet ride across the world of sound. All genres, tempos and cultures weave with deep bass, gossamer groove and beckoning beats for an inexplicable, soulcrafting session on the dancefloor. Breathe deeply, go deep, dance hard.

Perhaps the best way to explain ecstatic dance is with an introduction from the mouth of DJ Dragonfly himself:There is no right way or wrong way to dance, it’s simply an invitation to be authentic. And dancing is a great reminder that, like many things in life, once you get out of your own way, you accomplish the magic of unity.  This class is about creating a dialogue through dance. It opens the floor to all bodies who find the yearning to dance to a DJ set that creates the ultimate soul-searching, intensifying and personalizing experience that taps into the mind, body and soul. Don’t be afraid to step into the crowd and find yourself moving with the bass. There are no rules here. Feel the beat and get to moving.”


Acro-Yoga 101 with Andrew 7 Sealy and Aubry Marie

Yes, acro-yoga is as fun as it looks – and no, it’s not as hard as it looks, either! Andrew and Aubry are here to give you the how-to, beginner’s guide to acro-yoga so you can leave stretched, refreshed and prepared with the foundations for flight. Bring a partner (or two!) and get ready to take on the sky.

Instructor Andrew says, “AcroYoga is all about discovering the beauty in human connection. No matter your experience in Yoga, body type, or background… AcroYoga is for Everyone. If you’re looking to find FUN through support, communication and connection, THIS CLASS is for you. Open your wings and learn the tools needed to FLY.”


Photo by Jacob Avanzato

Shivakali Yoga: Vinyasa, Breath + Tantra Yoga with Serge B. 

Saturday evening will be a Shivakali Yoga class co-taught by the founders of Shivakali, Serge B. + Gloria Baraquio. Expect a combination of breath, intuitive sequencing, music, vinyasa flow, restorative, and traditional tantra yoga. A renewal of body, mind + spirit, a re-awakening of self-love.

Serge explains why this class is ideal to experience at LIB, “Ancient sacred Tantric yoga traditions meets pulsing sweaty heart opening Vinyasa flow! Plus a Deep cool down and meditation to end that leaves you open, calm, and in love with life.” Need we say more?


CHANNEL CHIDAKASHA: Yin & Yoga Nidra with Laurel Erilane + DJ Jamie Schwabl

Relax your body completely with dynamic stretches + ambient beats + guided visualization. Bliss out to a curated balance of movement + sound that will help harmonize your energy with the environment + bring balance within you. Experience infinity or the presence of the omniscient universe through meditation. Yoga Nidra or lucid sleep, is a technique that relieves tension from the physical body and perceived mind leaving you feeling peacefully well rested. Discover a deep state of tranquility while maintaining full awareness. Channel Chidākāsha – the space of internal consciousness.

Laurel channels her long history with LIB into a deeper, more connected class experience. “This will be my 7th LIB, so I intimately understand how the festival attendees feel in this environment. Channel Chidakasha: Yin + Yoga Nidra is perfect for Sunday morning to revitalize your energy for the final festivities. The goal of this class is to bring your body and mind back into balance. Yin yoga is both slow paced and suitable for all levels of practitioners. Yoga Nidra is a guided visualization that it meant to relax all the muscles in the body and replace hours of sleep.”


Featured Image by Watchara

by: Torie Richardson