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Amori’s, Lightning Inn, Sitcommune & Elixir Lounge

In this weeks spotlight, we’re over the moon to share some of the stars LIB’s interactive attractions. There’s scintillating fire dancing and burlesque at Amori’s or you can check out a variety of rooms packed with oddities and delights at the (newly expanded) Lightning Inn. There’s even a cushy couch to fall into for psychedelic puppet shows at the Sitcommune by the Fungineers and an elixir lounge serving up a sassy sideshow of glitz and glam at the Highlove Vitality Elixir Lounge.

Prepare to enter a world of weird in all the most wonderful ways!

Amori’s Casino & Burlesque


Photo by Watchara

Drop into our beloved Amori’s Casino & Burlesque, and immerse yourself in a sensual feast of love. Wander in and experience an eyegasm of live burlesque and cabaret, gaming, wandering characters, live bands, fire shows, deejays, and so much more. Open every night for your late night cravings. Come join in the festivities with three-time Mayor of LIB and reigning Mayor of Love, Paul E. Amori!


Lightning Inn by The Imagine Nation



Photo by Watchara

Check into this boutique hotel experience comprised of a labyrinth of rooms full of interactivities and play. The Lightning Inn is a beloved improv theater offering rooms filled with delight and strange surprises. The experience features playful employees to guide you on your journey as you seek and find clues to the mystery inside. For a most enjoyable experience, don’t forget to MAKE A RESERVATION!


Sitcommune by The Fungineers


Photo Courtesy of the Fungineers

The Fungineers present Sitcommune, a psychedelic living-room style installation that will take you on a wild ride down the rabbit hole. Stop by after hours and prepare to have your mind melted with wild performances, and zany shenanigans playing through the living room’s built-in Television Set. From puppetry to skits, hilarious beat-boxing, and playful antics, The Fungineers Sitcommune never disappoints.


Highlove Vitality Elixir Lounge


Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom

Tempt your taste buds with exotic elixirs at the Highlove Vitality Elixir Lounge, day and night. Delicious hot and cold beverages are accompanied by bursts of dazzling entertainment on our glittering stage. Enjoy the impressive lounge experience, as an immersive theatrical escapade unfolds around you. Twisting comedy and burlesque with cirque and music, education and entertainment.

Seek refuge from the afternoon sun with a cool place to sit, sip an iced beverage, and be educated and entertained. Nightlife is part and parcel of the magic of LIB. Glamorous evenings in the lounge are always exceptional!

The elegant cabaret-style venue with classic styles and sparkling chandeliers that attract tourists and natives alike. Highlove Vitality caters to a diverse, interesting and eclectic clientele by providing constantly evolving entertainment through music, fashion, philanthropy, film and the arts.

Pick up your tickets before they’re all gone!


Featured Image by Watchara

by: Graham Berry

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