Announcing the Tastemaking Food Vendors of LIB 2017

If the flavorful music lineup and the bevy of world-class experiences already has you excited then we can’t wait for you to get a load of the phenomenal food vendor lineup coming to the 2017 edition of LIB.  Those who were selected in the list below met a strict set of criteria used to bring only the best vendors to the festival. To be admitted for vending each of these were required to source all foods organically and local to the Bradley area. Next, vendors needed to offer healthy dietary options with no non-compostable waste. Lastly, the number of meat vendors is limited at the festival and food vendors that do opt to serve it must demonstrate that their meat comes from an ethical source where the animals are treated humanely.

Want to preview the mouthwatering delicacies that await at this year’s LIB? Check out the below for our featured lineup and a complete list of vendors at the festival!

Blue Sun Café

The Blue Sun Cafe takes pride in serving made to order burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and salads using ingredients that are made on site. We strive to use only organic produce and dry goods, and all meat is hormone free/veg-fed. We build the kind of kitchen that is both festival friendly and yet commercial in its equipment and presentation, so that the customer, the health department and the fire guy are all happy.  

Get Fried Rice

At Get Fried Rice it is our mission to provide wholesome, organic, pesticide, hormone, GM and antibiotic free foods prepared and cooked as close to the source as possible and at a reasonable price. While serving large crowds of hungry festival-goers we pay attention to sustainability questions in all aspects of our food preparation, serving, and waste/ compost processing. We prepare our Fried Rice and Tom Kha veggies using a fiery wok, which creates an intriguing show as we are preparing patrons their meal. We do all we can to bring fresh, organic, vibrant food that really fills you, allowing the party to go as long as you want it to!

Spiro’s Gyros

Local Greek food that is sure to leave all customers happier than anticipated.

Detour Cafe

The Smoothie Detour Cafe is a mobile organic smoothie and sandwich shop, designed to offer delicious products with high-quality, local and organic ingredients. Our menu includes Organic Superfood Smoothies, Gourmet Grilled Cheese, Breakfast Sandwiches, Soups, Dirty Corn on the Cob, Hot/Cold Mate, Coffee, Ice Cold Juice, and occasional pre-packaged on-the-go snacks. We pride ourselves our fresh and organic ingredients, quick service, healthy products and high vibes.

Dough LaB

Featuring fresh organic personal size pizzas, Dough LaB made its Lightning in a Bottle debut in 2013. Always delicious and reliable, Dough LaB can be found near the Lightning Stage and in the Favela Food Court open late! Featuring cheese & veggie whole pizzas, gluten free crust and vegan cheese options are available upon request! Grab a cold beverage, hot cookie, and a pizza at Dough LaB this LIB!
Herbal Junction

A Nice Food Booth serves wholesome organic food, including nice bowls, salads and grilled sandwiches. We specialize in handcrafted herbal enzyme elixirs and customize each drink in the moment for each individual. We serve a variety of teas, herbal shakes and delicious sweet treats.

LIB Coffee & More!

Open at 7am for your morning caffeine fix, six LIB Coffee locations will satisfy both your hot and cold beverage desires throughout the day and night. New this year, LIB Coffee & More will be serving organic breakfast burritos in Camp Plazas 1-3 daily until 12pm. Our three locations inside the event will stay open extra late! LIB Coffee & More proudly serves Peets Coffee & Tea, Immordl Nitro Super Coffee, GTs Kombucha, and much more!

Poutine Your Mouth

Art Cart Food Cart serving delicious crispy fries, cheese curds and herbed veggie gravy. Fast, fun vibe saving lives 24/7. Earth first philosophy, non-gmo, organic, locally sourced, and always have Vegan and Vegetarian options and substitutions. Our concept was inspired years ago while eating Poutine 6x’s in one day, in Montreal, Canada at the Osheaga Music Festival.

Peppers Thai

Comfort Asian vegetarian food including Fried Rice, Chow Mein, Veggie Rolls, and Tofu.

Jahlia’s Drinks

Family owned and operated Lemonade stand selling hand crafted, non-alcoholic beverages. All ingredients are locally sourced or home harvested and freshly made on-site. Portion of the profits benefit Food Waves non-profit and Jahlia’s college fund. greater than half of our produce is organic but all is based upon the Localvore Movement.

Sustainable Sushi

Our focus is on sustainable seafood sourced from independent, artisan fisherman focused on environmental consciousness and responsible practices. We feature sushi burritos wrapped in nori with local, organic produce & asian fusion sauces. Our inspiration is to create healthy festival food that is easy to eat for someone on their feet & on the go. We pick up fresh fish daily from local sources like Central Coast Seafood & the at the pier in Morro Bay.

Strictly Vegan Jamaican Cuisine

Jamaican Style Vegan Food Prepared with Natural Herbs and Spices from Jamaica and the Caribbean including the famous Jerk seasoning.

Ruru Juice

Born in the vibrant city of Oakland, we’re on a mission to serve the most nutritious and delectable smoothies, cold pressed juices, waffles and super bowls. Our organic entrees full of fresh fruit, vitamin-packed vegetables, and healthy whole grains packs a fulfilling punch. We showcase our fresh interpretations of local produce combined with our Southern American touch guaranteed to bring you the best of what nature has to offer.

Lydia’s Kind Foods

Organi- Vegan- Gluten free

We are commited to offering you vibrant & delicious foods to keep you dancing & hydrated! An ecletic combination of varied entrees, salads, desserts & beverages

Collision Cuisine

Global Cuisine! Meals drinks and sweets available.

Locally sourced, seasonal, organic all with vegan options! Made fresh daily.

Offerings appropriate for all times of the day.

Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss

Blissful, organic, coconut ice cream


Tante’s began at the first Castro Street Fair and we’ve never missed a San Francisco Pride. Born in the exciting Bay Area of the 1970s, we know how important it is for celebrants, activists, party people and all civic minded denizens to be fed on high quality, delicious and healthy foods. While focusing on serving variety and balance, we bring a wealth and depth of experience that’s hard to duplicate. Our potato spinach knish, organic chicken shwarma, garlic fries and falafel have been LIB favorites for years.

Wicked Maine Lobster

Born and raised in Maine, serving Fresh Maine Seafood products in San Diego and Los Angeles, CA. I was brought up with a Lobster Shack type vibe and I’d like to bring that atmosphere to LIB serving up, Lobster Rolls, Lobster Tacos, Lobster Mac N Cheese, Lobster Grilled Cheese

l.o.v.e. cafe

Raw living foods gourmet organic cuisine featuring Raw tacos, wraps, pad thai, coconuts, ice cream, kombucha, energy balls, and “Fuck you it’s Magic” drink

Sahasa Indian Fusion

Sahasa is traditional Indian food with a sassy urban twist! Blessed with mantra, and sealed with a kiss ???? All of the food we serve is vegan and gluten-free, with no nuts or soy ever used. The less allergens we have in our food, the more accessible our food is everyone.

Bliss Cafe

Bliss Cafe is a 100% plant based restaurant, using local & organic ingredients in all of our offerings. Serving California style “good karma cuisine” with an Ayurvedic twist we strive to cultivate more love & compassion through our food. The menu consists of burritos, tacos, bowls, smoothies, baked goods & much more!

Kacey Cakes 10

Kacey Cakes offers personal-sized desserts that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar free. We serve them in compostable and recyclable packaging. We are based out of San Luis Obispo and we source local, organic, and non-gmo ingredients. We are a small-batch boutique style dessert business with a rustic chic vibe.

Convergence 20

We have be providers of healthy wholesome and mostly organic cuisine since 2001. Not only do we provide nourishment through our food, but also through the vibes we project with music. We also have been committed to using biodegradable serviceware and composting since we began in business.  

Killa Dilla 20

Fast paced, dancey, lovely crew rocking Dillas to the “mmms” and “oh-mans” of our beloved customers. As much organic and local as we can source, including Albacore from our family boat! You’ll love it or your money back!

Edible Alchemy

We are a San Diego-based company who prides themselves on using local and organic produce to give people the best. We offer only the best vegan and vegetarian options while having a blast and a deep love for what we do!

GypsyEats 20

GypsyEats provides flavorful California Cuisine with world flavors (Indian/Med). We source all local and seasonal veggies to provide a fresh and unique experience for our customers. Our drinks are made with all organic fruits and teas, and our raw al-ke-me syrups. We feature raw chutneys and the Royal Bee Halva (made with local honey and nuts) on the menu. We would be excited to do a small Hot or iced “tea and halva lounge” in conjunction with our booth this year (if permitted).

The Deli Doctor

Organically and locally sourced, farm-to-table deli sandwiches, burgers and fries. We cure all our own meats (which are nitrate-free) and make all our own sauces and coleslaw in-house. Our packaging is recycled and biodegradable. We support our local farmers, love the planet and take pride in everything we serve.

Bite 20

Our food is based first and foremost on health and new flavors- an African Asian Fusion. We serve Bite Bowls: coconut quinoa, bean & raw veggie bowls packed with organic greens, cold pressed super-oils, and zesty heart-melting goodness, topped with roasted pecans, toasted corn and a zesty ginger garlic sauce, all plant based and gluten-free. Our slogan: YOUR BODY WANTS OUR FOOD! Creative enough to add to the excitement of creation going on at Lightning in a Bottle and filling and hearty enough to keep the festival crowd going.

Imlak’esh Organics

Imlak’esh Organics is a company based out of Santa Barbara that sources many nutritious vegan superfoods from South America such as Maca Powder, Cacao, different nuts and seeds, and delicious berries. On our food truck, we infuze all of our superfoods into every item we make on the food truck such as Quinoa Bowls, Salads, Soups, Raw Tacos, Smoothies, Elixirs, and vegan desserts. We love to feed people with healthy and revitalizing food to keep their bodies alive and feeling amazing! We are strong believers in Fair Trade so everyone is treated fairly and respectful. We are %100 organic and vegan, we also source all of our fresh produce from local sources which helps our local community thrive.

Asana Foods

We make açaí bowls, superfood bowls, and superfood açaí shakes. Asana Foods is based in San Diego, we are a small natural foods company that makes GF granola and gourmet almond butters, which we use on the bowls. Our menu is 100% organic and vegan (however, we offer honey, local to San Diego). Everything is sourced from California or the Western United States, if possible unless its an exotic superfood, such as cacao.

India Gourmet

Locally sourced,vegan,vegetarian,gluten free choices as well as chicken and lamb curries, basmati rice & curry bowls,nan wrap,vegan samosa slider,on site baked naan bread,mango lassi and darjeeling spiced chai tea.

Awesome Sauce Kitchen

Serving Chicken and Waffles! More details coming soon.

Senor Corn

Delicious Mexican food to please the vegetarian palate as well as the addition of organic meats for others. Family run business offering fast friendly service and quality food for over 20 years!

Harvest Kitchen

Rustic, local, organic, seasonal food served from our biodiesel “Woody” style food truck. Paleo, gluten free, and vegan options. 3rd year vending at LIB and always a hit.


Sankofa serves Ghanaian food infused with some Caribbean flavor. Our food is made fresh onsite without any GMO’s and fresh ingredients. We’re known for a tasty ginger fried plantains and provide completely different options to the regular festival cuisine.

Govinda’s Veggie Bomb

We are all Vegan/Veggie and 90% gluten cuisine . Our menu ranges from Arepa’s ( fusion taco), Samosa’s , Pasta bowl ( vegan meatballs) Vegan milk shakes etc….We source as many organic and local ingredients as we can. We also like to travel with a small kirtan party ( Indian folk music ) for atmosphere .

The Middle Feast

The Middle Feast team winners of Food Networks hit TV show THE GREAT FOOD TRUCK RACE SEASON 5. 

Dump City Dumplings

We make Chinese-style steamed bun dumplings from local, organic, and sustainable ingredients. Our flavor profile caters to every demographic; Chinese Style Pork for the carnivores, Vegan Pad Thai for vegetarians, and Four Cheese Pizza for everyone. Our goal is to deliver the best tasting, most unique food at an affordable price ($3 per dumpling) to as many people as possible while supporting the Central Oregon community by sourcing as locally as we can. We have a wealth of festival experience (What the Festival, Pickathon, Hangtown, Faerieworlds etc.) and have been voted Best Food Cart in Central Oregon for the past 4 years running.

Sage Vegan Bistro

Buffalo caulifllower, fried, avo sald, with cabbage, jack fruit street tacos, with cilantro and onion, and garlic aioli, baja avo tacos, fried brussel sprouts, jack fruit burrito, rice beans, one beverage agua fresca


A liquid nitrogen oasis featuring flash frozen ice cream, sorbet, Popsicles and frozen fruit. Free samples day & night along with nitro frozen hats & scarves to cool you down.

Patty Sue

Details coming soon.

Organic Ice

Say good bye to artificial preservatives, because our shaved ice is entirely ORGANIC! Our syrups are USDA certified organic, vegan, kosher and gluten free. Our top-of-the line Hawaiian style ice shaver ensures that each refreshing bite will melt in your mouth. With so many delicious organic syrups to choose from, there’s a flavor for everyone!

The Juicery

Details coming soon.


by: Graham Berry