Three Ways To Customize Your LIB Experience!

The Mobile App, iPhone Schedule Wallpapers and Updated Website Schedule Grid are now available! Make your LIB experience your own and really dial in on your priorities for the weekend with these three pieces of technology…

Download the LIB 2016 Mobile App

Discover and find all the great shows, workshops and entertainment happening this weekend for a personalized LIB experience! Sort festival schedules by day, stage, and festival area. Read about workshops, speakers, yoga and other amazing ways to experience LIB. Create your own personal schedule for the weekend with reminders and maps.

Download the mobile app in the iPhone and Android app stores!

LIB_Wallpapers_02Make the LIB music schedules your iPhone background


Download these personalized and easy-to-read LIB schedules that fit perfectly as your phone’s wallpaper! Forget unlocking your phone and scrolling through your photos to find a schedule that you can barely read… these make finding your next LIB destination that much easier.

Download Here

Shoutout to our good friend Rob at Guru Studio who made these! Twitter | Instagram

GridScheduleView all of LIB’s set times on one schedule grid

Want to compare what’s happening right now at the Lightning Stage and the Woogie with ease? Check out our updated schedule grid on the LIB website! Jam-packed with tons of programming, you’ll always find something interesting and intriguing.

View Here