Just Added: Aquatic Art Installations

San Antonio Recreation Area is now Lake San Antonio – it’s true! You can even swim in it, but did you know that in the lake there will be Aquatic Art? To make getting around on the water a lot more fun we asked three professional craftsmen to design and create a few interactive lake experiences. You may only be headed to the water to sunbathe, but after getting an eyeful of these buoyant buoys of bliss there’s a good chance you’ll want to explore beyond the shore.

Learn about the artists that are bringing these wonders and peruse a few clues to the paradise that awaits you, this year ON THE WATER at LIB!

The Imagine Nation’s Floating Garden

“Rainfalls in California have brought back the natural beauty of the land, and there are rumors spreading of a garden floating in the middle of the enchanting waters of San Antonio Lake. Come see for yourself what this newly proclaimed “wonder of the world” has to offer, as it’s sure to be an experience of a lifetime.”

— Kirill Simenchik of The Imagine Nation


The Bell Tower by Prescott McCarthy

“Hearing the ring from the shores of San Antonio calling? It’s likely the floating bell tower beckoning you to Make your way out into the glistening waters. Good conversation, magical moments, and a bit of mystery awaits you at the floating bell tower. “

— Prescott McCarthy


The Mazar by Reincarnature

“The Mazar is a beacon of connection for all races, lands, and all living organisms on the planet. A representation of the human need to express life, and an acknowledgment of a relationship between the living and the dead. A structure dedicated to the waters of the earth. A perfect place to share, pay homage, ground out, and relax in the heat of your Lightning In a Bottle experience.”

Shayne Metos and Cole Wardley of Reincarnature


Tall Ships by W.C Thornton

“Pick your crew and climb aboard this jungle gym ode to the seafaring life. Walk the plank into the cooling depths or lay in the rigging to enjoy the heights as the sun sets over beautiful lake San Antonio.  Tall Ships is a place for the kid in us all to find their inner Jolly Roger.”

W.C. Thronton

Photo by Jean Khajarian 

Featured Image Courtesy of Prescott McCarthy

by: Graham Berry