Big Art in 2017

Along with a smorgasbord of nutritious cuisine and a stacked lineup that includes musicians from all over the world, LIB is introducing more of the big art that will turn heads and inspire wonder. To become familiar with the artists bringing larger than life sculptures to LIB this year, peruse the following and remember to breathe as the awe sets in.

Dylan Blackstone

Dylan Blackstone artDylan Blackstone is a designer who creates geometric art on a large scale. His background in construction taught him the practical skills to create his craft, coupled with his life-long love of creating art inspired him to begin his expression into festival art. Fueled by inspiration after attending several festivals, Dylan first volunteered for Bamboo DNA, and from there began his expression in sharing his gifts and skills with the community he loves. At Strawberry Fields in Australia, he was given opportunities and experience in experimentation with his own ideas and designs. Dylan has created at festivals such as Symbiosis Gathering, Strawberry Fields, Rainbow Serpent, Envision and Once Upon a Festival.

Photo provided by Dylan Blackstone

ShrineShrine Temple by Jacob Avanzato

Self-taught prolific contemporary folk artist, performance artist. Painting buildings, creating installations out of trash and found materials internationally, in galleries, museums, and festivals for over 25 years.



Photo by Jacob Avanzato

Linka Odom

Linka Odom Lightboxes1Linka A Odom, aka @themissinglinka is a photographer and installation artist creating interactive photographic light box installations that carry the viewer through other worlds. Linka finds inspiration in the study of ancient civilizations and the experience of traveling. She has adventured and photographed in more than 40 countries over the past 20 years. Linka is currently based in New Orleans, LA.

Photo provided by Linka Odom

Michael Christian

Michael Christian is a San Francisco Bay area artist who creates large, interactive and playful structures.
His sculptures have been permanently installed in cities and homes across the US and abroad. He has participated in over 200 events and festivals.

Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom


Davis McCarty

Davis McCarty’s functionally-integrated architectural sculptures have been exhibited at museums, iconic buildings, and festivals around the globe including: the Wright Museum of Art, Sears Tower, Union Station, Zhou B Art Center, Burning Man, and Symbiosis. His work held in the Illinois State Museum public collection. His art has been featured in Business Insider, Huffington Post, The Creators Project, My Modern Met, and DNAinfo.

Photo by Cliff Baise






Featured Image by JORG Photo

by: Graham Berry