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Camping at LIB

Need To Know Info

  • Camping at LIB is free form. Campgrounds areas are not pre-plotted or marked.
  • Please be conscious of space, and refrain from “Space Saving”.
  • Showers ($7) and ice ($5) are available  throughout the campgrounds.
  • NO In & Out privileges for car and RV camping vehicles!
  • Vehicles moved after being placed will lose their vehicle pass.



YES Enclosed Propane Stoves

YES Good Vibes

YES Backpacks

YES Cameras

YES A Reasonable Amount of Alcohol for Personal Consumption

YES Coolers in Campgrounds

YES Floaties and Inflatable Rafts

YES Paddle Boards



NO Fireworks, Fire Tools or Fire Lanterns

NO Charcoal Grills

NO Drones

NO Public Nudity

NO Sound Systems

NO Illegal Drugs/Substances

NO Weapons of Any Kind!

NO Kegs

NO Coolers in Festival Grounds

NO Glass Bottles/Containers Outside of Campgrounds

NO Dogs/Pets

NO Motorized Watercraft, Boats or Jet Skis

LIB Campground Etiquette

Campgrounds are a place to sleep, meet new friends, hang with old ones, and most importantly a place to create the community you want to live in. Be mindful LIB is a family event. Your respect of these rules enables us to return year after year, and offer one-of-a-kind experiences.

  • Be a good neighbor. Be mindful of noise late at night and in early morning hours.
  • Observe the 5 MPH speed limit at ALL TIMES.
  • Do not camp in roads, walkways or lake beds – this includes tent stakes and guy lines.
  • No “Space Saving”  or marking off area for friends arriving later.
  • Bring only what you need. Remove packaging at home. Decrease waste.
  • Make friends with your neighbors, and reduce space between sites.

Where to Go for Assistance

Have a question? Need medical attention? Want to talk with somebody about your experience?

LIB has many resources to support a healthy and happy journey. See map on-site for locations.

  • LIB Rangers – You’ll see these folks walking around, wearing khaki t-shirts and sporting a radio. They are skilled in conflict resolution and calling for any help needed.
  • Medical – Harm reduction and medical services are available at two locations. One near The Woogie, and the other near Thunder Stage. In an emergency, find somebody with a radio and medical attention can come to you.
  • MAPS Zendo Project – If you’re having a difficult experience, drug-related or not, you can find a safe space at the Zendo Project. Located next to the medical tents.
  • DanceSafe – Stop by their booth for a free pair of earplugs, or to ask any questions about substances. DanceSafe has been promoting health and safety since 1998, and on site at LIB since 2013.
  • PLUR Angels – Spot them wearing bright PLUR Angels t-shirts and say hello. The PLUR Angels provide peer-to-peer harm reduction and education.

Festival Amenities

  • Free Water – Filtered water stations are located throughout the festival for ample and easy hydration. Filter info & specs:
  • ICE available for $5 in campground plazas and throughout the festival.
  • COFFEE & cold beverages available throughout the campgrounds and festival areas.
  • Dough LaB offers organic pizza with loads of toppings to choose from. Vegan and gluten free available.
  • The Marketplace offers a wide variety of consciously sourced options for all dietary preferences.  
  • Beer, Wine, and Cocktails available for sale throughout the festival grounds. Must have ID to be served
  • SHOWERS – Available for $7 in the campground plazas
  • ATMs – Available onsite. Be prepared, some vendors are cash only.


Maps of LIB



by: Molly Narodick

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