All 4-Day Weekend Passes include tent camping in the festival. Tent Camping means that you can camp anywhere in the campgrounds without your vehicle. Those with cars will park in the general parking lot and walk or use the gear shuttle to get to the campgrounds. If you would like to camp with your vehicle, you’ll need to purchase a Car Camping Pass in addition to your festival pass.

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LIB is a Leave it Better, Leave it Beautiful event. That means that you take your trash out with you and help us leave the venue better than when you arrived. This isn’t the kind of festival where you trash the place and rely on festival staff to pick it up for you. LIB tries to create awareness and encourage people to take care of the communities that they live in and the planet they live on.

The best way to do this is to plan ahead and bring as little trash as possible. Last year there was way too much trash left in the campgrounds after the festival. Our team works tirelessly to create something magical so remember that everything that ends up on the ground must eventually get picked up by someone. That’s why at the core of our ethos, the Leave it Better, Leave it Beautiful policy reflects our hope to make it easier for whoever comes along next.

Every year the LIB community grows, with your help we acn spread this message to help teach and inspire the next LIB generation.

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All of the campgrounds will be named so you can coordinate with your friends to find out where you want to camp. There is cell service at this venue so meeting up shouldn’t be too difficult. We will put a detailed map on our website prior to the festival so you will be able to coordinate with your friends and plan ahead.


The campgrounds will have hosts to assist you and to help make sure you are camping in the appropriate areas as well as answer questions that arise during your LIB experience. They will be stationed throughout the campgrounds which will be indicated on the festival map. In the event that you need security, medical or law enforcement the hosts at these stations can help you.


This year Lightning in a Bottle will be offering all-inclusive camping packages for a fuss-free LIB experience. For the full list of packages available please visit the tickets page here.


There will be showers in the campgrounds for a fee. Bring a towel and some biodegradable soap.


Ice is available for purchase onsite in 7lb bags for $6 each.


Fires are allowed in designated areas with existing fire pits. If you don’t have a pit provided by the park we can’t allow any fires. If you are unsure about whether you can have a fire please ask a campground manager or Ranger before starting one.


Enclosed propane grills are acceptable in the camping areas but NO open flame or charcoal grills will be allowed.

Once a campground is full the shuttles will stop going to that campground so if you arrive after your friends you may have to walk in to a specific campground or pick a new spot and make some new friends. 🙂


If you purchased a car camping pass that means that you have the ability to bring your car into the campgrounds and have it with you at your camp. There is not a separate area for people with car camping passes.

RV With Hookup passes allow you to park at the RV Hookups that are on site and you can simply follow the signs to get there.

Car Camping


LIB is proud to be a family friendly festival and we make great efforts to create an interactive and engaging environment for kids and families!

If you would like to register for family camp, please click HERE to provide LIB Family Camp Management with the necessary information.