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Car Camping

A few things to note…

Car Camping means you can bring your car into the campgrounds and camp next to it.

There are no separate campgrounds for car campers and campsites are not pre-plotted or reserved.

It is only necessary to purchase one car pass per car in your camp’s group.

There are no ins and outs for car camping passholders! Once your vehicle is in the LIB campgrounds, it must stay put until you’re ready to leave.

CLICK HERE for more FAQ! Please email support@thedolab.com with any questions.


Looking forward to all the sunshine and smiles at LIB this year, but not quite sure what to expect from the car camping experience ahead? Not to worry, friend, we’ve got this handy list of Do’s and Dont’s to help you make the most of the time you’ve got during your stay at San Antonio Lake. So whether you’re a seasoned pro at camping or you’re attending LIB this year for the first time take a look at the helpful guidelines below and prepare to LIB an adventure.


DO: Buy a ticket and a car camping pass.

Not getting far without this!

DO: Arrive early

Once the gates open and you’re in, you’ll have the best choice of picking out a prime location to create your home for the weekend. Want even better odds? Your only chance is picking up an early arrival pass. They’ll have a designated area but if you want something else in a campsite this is the only other way to go to assure you’ll beat the traffic when the festival opens alternative campsite options on Thursday.

DO: Plan ahead so you can meet with your friends on arrival

Once the map is released, chat with your squad to sort out a landing destination. If you want some late night grooving maybe check out the Woogie area or if you’re feeling the need for a few laughs check out the Jive Joint. Keep in mind some areas will be much more sleep-friendly in the evening than others, but those that stay jammin’ are a ton of fun too.



DO: Coordinate with friends ahead of time.

Arrive together to stay together. It takes a little extra coordination but it’s so worth it!

DO: Put all those years of Tetris to good use (while packing)

The expression may be “leave no trace” but we prefer to see Lightning in a Bottle as a LEAVE IT BETTER event. That means we count on you to help us with trash disposal by taking the trash you brought to the festival away with you when you leave. Pack extra hefty bags and be ready to shuffle a few items on the way home to toss the garbage when you make that quick stop at a recycle or waste center.

DO: Follow the Instructions of Parking Staff.

If you have a car camping pass, you’ll be able to drive directly into the venue and park your car with a little direction from our friendly staff. There will be no designated spaces so once you’ve got the lay of the land make sure to find a spot you like!

DO: Follow directions and listen patiently to the staff’s instructions.

Especially while waiting in line to get in.

DO: Be patient, open minded, and optimistic!

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

DO: Look for Landmarks to find your camp later

Look for one of our colorful structures like the Eeperts if you’re by the Woogie or the Squigs if you’re by the vending area. You’ll thank yourself later!

DO: Bring a shade structure and other essentials.

EZ ups can be a perfect platform to keep your car and area shaded. The environment is known to be dusty, dry, and humid around this time of year so a tarp can also be useful for shade and cleanup. You also want to remember the tent stakes, hammer and zip-ties. Maybe a big umbrella or parasol too. You know, just in case.


This can help save money on gas, split up driving time, reduce your carbon footprint and help keep your festie fam together. Stay in sync and when the squad gets big enough you can romp to LIB caravan-style.



DO: Use the street names, art installations, and structures as landmarks.

Find landmarks to help locate and gather your friends. Some of these may look different at night, so be aware of that. Also, if you can quickly ascertain which landmark leads to the next you can breadcrumb your way back to homebase. Take note of your surroundings!

DO: Express yourself.

Decorate your car or your camp to make it the spot to be for the next few days. Adorn it with accessories so that it’s comfortable and colorful. Let your creativity shine and have fun with it! LED lights, tapestries, plushy pillows, and disco balls are all solid choices.

DO: Be courteous to strangers.

Introduce yourself to the neighbors with a compliment. Wave and wear a smile or kick off a conversation with something fun, like “do you know any good jokes?” or “what music should I see at the Woogie today?”

DO: Bring Shelter.

Bring a tent or a yurt to enjoy! Sleeping in your car is always an option too, especially if you get caught in a storm or, worse still, your tent fails on you! It’s a good idea to consider as an alternative to the great outdoors. A starlit slumber may seem enchanting at first but a little hide-away from the elements is nice sometimes too.


DON’T: Forget Your Ticket

Seriously! People forget this.

DON’T: Pre-game while waiting in line.

No chill. Also, that Lagunitas will taste so much better once your car is parked, camp is set up, and tent is pitched.

DON’T: Use caution tape or barriers to fence off reserved space.

More No chill. Don’t be that guy.

DON’T: Try to save space or “land grab”.

Keep communication flowing with the neighbors to setup the perfect arrangement if you have someone arriving late to the group with their own tent. This reduces chances of being separated from your friends while simultaneously creating the possibility of making a few new ones.

DON’T: Trash your campsite.

Our sustainability initiatives are successful in no small part to the efforts of people like you. Help us keep San Antonio Recreation Area beautiful by remembering to clean up the campsite. This is much easier if done regularly through the week, but make sure to give it total double-check before heading home too.



DON’T: Bring your speakers from home.

LIB is a festival, yeah, but it’s also an avenue for you to find and explore new sounds. No one wants to hear that played-out tune from 2012 bumping from your campsite, not-uh! Please keep your sound systems at home!

DON’T: Let any setbacks get you down.

Sometimes we’re late or people can’t do the things they hoped to achieve or the plans we meticulously construct get thwarted. It happens. No sense in letting the little setbacks prevent the enjoyment of what’s to come.

DON’T: Let noms or frosty cold beverages go to waste!

Sharing a little coffee in the AM or grilled cheese at night is a brilliant way to make those unknown neighbors instant pals.

DON’T: Overlook your surroundings

Stages, Port-O-Potties and Immersive Environments are all appealing things to be near, but all best enjoyed with a healthy distance. Be mindful of how far the walk is in the AM for breakfast or, more importantly, a decent shower.

DON’T: Stress if you don’t have a car camping pass.

This just means you will have to park in the general parking area and bring your things in. Wagons are a good idea to invest in and shuttles will also be around to help get you closer to the campgrounds! Don’t want to jump on the Wish-I-had-a-Car-Pass Bandwagon? Pick one up here.

Our staff will direct you to the proper area depending on which pass you have and as the day of the festival we’ll keep updating you with more information via email. To stay in the loop simply subscribe to our newsletter!