Self-Guided Art Tour of LIB

Whether Lightning in a Bottle has become your home every Memorial Day Weekend for the last dozen years or it’s your first time attending the festival, there’s an endless amount of adventure ahead. Between a carefully curated music lineup, art installations, and so much more, we have mapped out the way to an awesome DIY expedition you can enjoy alone or with the squad during your stay at Lake San Antonio.

Read up and get ready!

Peruse the Crafty Marketplace Vendors

Every year, vendors from far and wide come together for a unique experience at the festival, boasting over 50 unique vendors ranging from textiles to jewelry, skin care, performance props and more. With a majority of these items crafted as a one of a kind design, the festival Marketplace is the perfect place to snag a trinket you can have to remember the experience shared with friends, old and new, for years to come.


Photo by Aaron Glassman 

Browse the Community and Camp Art

LIB was a landscape before it was a city and the small efforts from our community together are the secret to that irresistible vibe. With over 20,000 festival attendees, the magic in the campgrounds is palpable. Most of this is in part due to the creative community of artists scattered around the festival. Unlike many camping festivals, LiB puts campers inside the festival grounds, with many neighbors who start as strangers and leave as new lifelong friends. Whether it’s cooking meals together or creating stellar camp art, there’s a lot of expression in every inch. Make a few moments to wander and from decor to totems to find your way back home each night, you’re sure to find each camp is unique to their own. 


Create Your Path at The Compass

A new centerpiece at LIB, the Compass is starting a new chapter by bringing a renewed focus and evolution of the traditional educational workshops and content offerings. Through partnerships with numerous groups who are leaders of social movements we’re refreshing the educational offerings with a focus on workshops and speakers bringing in expertise on a variety of topics, including: grassroots political activism, social justice, climate change and indigenous land rights, digital activism, digital rights and cryptography, identifying truth in journalism and social media, decolonization, art activism, and more.


Meet a Muralist on the LIP Art Walk

A crowd favorite will be returning for another year of creative paintings and murals. This year, the signature gallery will feature more local artists than ever before, creating even more unique, bright, and colorful magic to the LiB grounds. With a portion of the proceeds going to support the Lightning in a Paintcan project and the majority to the artist, purchasing artwork not only goes to a good cause at LIB. It also gives you a lifelong keepsake to take home with you.


Photo by Gilles Kali

Lose Your Mind in the MOVA

This year’s 360Dome.Pro project has teamed up with MOVA  to bring an even more extravagant, fully immersive art installation to light. The dome, which can be seen from afar will have a larger projection with 4k resolution and both interior and exterior projection mapping. New additions include virtual reality live-art by Android Jones, as well as his animation film Samskara. Additional animated films by Ben Ridgway, a San Francisco native, will also be served up in this scintillating space.


Interact with the Big Art

The Big Art sprawled across the grounds of Lightning in a Bottle provide the perfect meetup point, and a fun and interactive experience for all. With installations created by some of the most renowned artists in the world, these pieces stoke your imagination and question your reality. This year’s artists include Linka Odom, Michael Christian, Davis McCarty, Dylan Blackstone, and  Shrine. We’ve even got an array of new signature Do LaB structures making their festival debut too. Plus, the all-new Compass will house the most recent stage from Coachella – the Beacon. With more than a dozen fresh structures to take in, you’ll never want to leave.


Ogle at the Aquatic Art

You read that right! Aquatic splashin’ art! We’re bringing in some of the best builders in the festival game to create big beautiful buoyant art that you can swim to and splash on. But what will they look like? Will they be climbable? Water cannons, perhaps? Only ReNature, W.C Thornton and the good folks at The Imagine Nation can say for sure! We can’t wait to see what they have in store for LIB!


Photo by Juliana Bernstein // Get Tiny

Take a Hike to Meditation Lookout

When a few moments of calm feel appealing, head to Mediation Lookout. Here you’ll get to a quiet and euphoric view of San Antonio Recreation Area and the majestic lake that now is part of that view. It’s one of the most popular locations for budding photographers for its breathtaking lookout. Many head there throughout the festival in search of their own personal zen. Some come here to contemplate decisions ahead. Perched on the hill looking down on all of the festival, the lookout provides a sanctuary for those to find inner piece while simultaneously being a reminder of all the magic within reach, happening in the now.


Featured Image by JORG Photo

by: Graham Berry