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Chatting It Up With CharlestheFirst [INTERVIEW]

Abstract beauty in short is something CharlestheFirst is known to love in all of it’s weirdest and greatest low-end forms. Imagine a sonic journey fueled by the sounds of nature and bass on many ends of the music spectrum carrying you through a musical journey unlike any other. Known for this one of a kind journey, CharlestheFirst embraces creativity in it’s purest experimental form as he is set to take over the Thunder Stage at Lightning In A Bottle this year.


We caught up with him to discuss his unique take on experimental bass music and words on other musical acts at Lightning In A Bottle. Here’s what he had to say!

How would you describe the CharlestheFirst sound in 5 words or less?

ambient – nature – gangster – storytelling

Where do you get your sounds from?

All sorts of places. I bring my field recorder pretty much everywhere I go, so I get lots of sounds from my surroundings. Sometimes I sample old music or new music and sometimes I synthesize everything. Depends on the day! I’m always looking for new ways to create sounds. 

What inspires you to make such an abstract style of music?

I get inspired by different things all the time. Different cultures, nature, books, music, and too many other things to name. As far as writing abstract music goes, I just write what I feel, and it comes out how it does. 

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Drinking yerba mate. Also if I’m feeling social I’ll go out and dance / hangout. Mainly I try and just not overthink too much about the set.


Photo Courtesy of CharlestheFirst

Who are some artists you wanna see this year at Lightning In A Bottle?

Ivy Lab, Two Feet, Elephant Revival, Machinedrum, Jade Cicada. 

If you were to add vocals to your music given its so instrumental, who’s vocals would it be and why?

I would love to collaborate with more hip hop artists. People like Ill Chill, lordapex, and eventually myself. I have some of my lyrical & experimental stuff right here:

What’s your spirit animal? What about spirit genre?

Hawk. Have always felt connected to them and feel them guiding me when I’m lost. Snow leopards are crazy dope too. I have no idea what my spirit genre is, it would probably be really hard to describe though haha. 

What do you think makes LIB unique in comparison to other festivals you have played?

I went to LIB two years ago and was thoroughly impressed by the diversity of music and the environment of the festival. I played in a tea yurt that year so its going to be cool to see how playing on the thunder stage will be!



Featured Image by CharlestheFirst

by: Carlos Castellanos