Code of Conduct

LIB Code of Conduct

LIB is meant to be an escape, away from bad vibes and societal norms. While this is true, it’s important to remember: LIB does, and always has, taken place on public land. We work closely with local authorities to provide a safe and healthy atmosphere for everyone. The residents of Monterey County have graciously welcomed us all to this land and we ask you help us in showing them the love, gratitude, and respect that our amazing LIB Community is all about. Even though LIB is in a remote environment, far away from our normal day-to-day lives, it’s important to remember federal, state, and local laws remain in effect. Translation… USE YOUR HEAD.

Remember this while enjoying your time at LIB:
• Always be aware of yourself, your surroundings, and your belongings.
• Make new friends, but be alert to the actions of those you meet.
• Use and trust your best instincts.
• Lead by example. Demonstrate LIB’s values and behavior to new LIB’ers.
• We are a community – so, look out for the safety and well being of one another. It’s seems simple and obvious, but we as a community work hard to create the special environment at LIB, and the best way to continue enjoying it for years to come is to practice personal responsibility and common sense. Thank you for respecting the land, its residents, and most importantly one another, and making LIB the best festival experience in the world. We love you!

Featured Image: Aaron Glassman