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Compass Area Spotlight: The Beacon

We are living in trying times. As our inner compass swings, unhinged, it is easy to resign ourselves to the feeling of being lost and alone. Bursting through the quagmire of darkness, the light of humanity guides us back to connectedness and purpose. At Lightning in a Bottle, a cultural lighthouse guides those seeking community and connection of all forms to its shores. Welcome to the Beacon. As part of LIB’s Compass theme this year, the Beacon’s focus is “Illuminating Our World: Visionary Guidance For Strange Times.” Balancing practicality with mysticism, LIB’s Beacon features an illuminating array of cultural workshops, panels, and rituals that encourage us to raise our voice and assume the responsibility we have to ourselves, each other, and the earth. Join us and discover new ideas, community actions, and unity at the LIB Beacon. Check out the full listing of events below.

Complete List of Offerings at the Beacon

  • Andrea Armeni – Sustainable Activism: Using Money to Make Change
  • Chris Tooker – KMLN
  • Climbing Poetree – Conscious Entrepreneurship
  • Deepone – DeePone
  • Erika Gagnon – “Honoring the waters”
  • Filastine – Filastine (DJ Set)
  • Fred and Violet Cavanaugh – Compass Opening
  • Griffin Crafts – Griffin Crafts
  • Guru Singh – Bring the Future Here Now
  • Informed Citizens Panel – Give me Truth, w/NoodliTru: Quinton Donleavy Thomas Himes, & Phil Detwiler
  • Jade Begay – Building a movement w/ Dallas Goldtooth and Clayton Thomas Müller
  • Jai Dev Singh – A Thousand Thunderstrokes:: Activating the Pineal Gland
  • Joaquin Joaqopelli Montoya – JoaqoPelli
  • Kenny Ausobel – Changing of the Gods: Planetary and Human Revolutionsl
  • Luke Solman – saQi feat. Kr3ture
  • Mark Farina
  • Michael Manahan
  • Michael Paul Hill – Apache Thunder Clap
  • Millard Murphy – Building Resilient Communities (Panel Member)
  • Pedro Cruz – LIB Official Opening
  • Porangui – Cacao Alchemy Gathering w/ Poranguí Live Music
  • Priya Deepika – Hear in My Heart, Cosmic Live-Electronic Music Set
  • Rigzin Tromge – Guided Meditation for the Shambhala Prophecy Warriors
  • Rorschack
  • Shawni – Ground into your essence
  • Sonja Drakulich/Stellamara – Stellamara
  • Sweet Anomaly – Surround
  • UNIFY: Global Synchronized Meditation Livecast
  • Wasfia Nazreen – Journey through the Seven Summits
  • Wildlife – Wild Life
  • Zoe Jakes’ House of Tarot


Featured Image by Daniel Zetterstrom

by: Marijke Uleman