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Compass Area Spotlight: Crossroads

The journey through life is signified by beautiful convergences of fate. As each of us approaches a new crossroad, we stand at the precipice of a decision: to meet others along the way or to go it alone. There’s a lot to be gained by taking on a festival mission solo but by choosing the former, we create opportunities to exchange ideas and values — to share pieces of ourselves. When our journeys collide, fantastic moments to connect and self-expand arise. And, when you open your heart, all the universe conspires to provide for you. As part of our Compass theme this year, Lightning in a Bottle’s Crossroads area celebrates the natural collision of cultural exchange with a focus on global music and dance. Since the earliest days of man, dance has been one of the most exciting forms of human expression with unique styles developing in cultural pockets across the globe. At the Crossroads, you’ll have the chance to engage in an ecstatic exchange of energy by joining us for a series of eclectic dance workshops and panels that set out to connect the corners of the world. More details below.

Complete list of offerings at the Crossroads:

Sara Gael (Zendo Project) – The Zendo Project for Psychedelic Harm Reduction Workshop
Māz Karandish – Soul of Eastern Music: Tradition, Theory, and Performance
Charlie Dando & John Lubbers – House Dance and Cultural Rhythms with Charlie Dando
Paradox – Kecak Council : Tools for an awakening global village
Dream Upright – Dream Upright
Sweet Anomaly – Surround
Sun Hop Fat – Sun Hop Fat
Priya Deepika – Hear in My Heart, Cosmic Live-Electronic Music Set
World Wind – World Wind
Yaarrohs – Yaarrohs
Tim Rush (Timo) – Dj Set with Liaison
Joss Jaffe – Joss Jaffe
Morgan Sorne – SORNE – Living Voices Performance Workshop
Tarran Gabriel (The Tailor) – THE TAILOR
LuvAmp – LuvAmp Project
Little Dinosaur – Little Dinosaur and the paloentologists
Alvaro Zaldua
Pedro Cruz – LIB Official Opening
Ryan Herr
Stevan Morris – Hamsa Handpans
ShowPony (Mitchell Kulkin) – DJ SHOW PONY
Sonja Drakulich – Stellamara
Sun Hop Fat
Secular Sabath – Phone Home
Porangui – Cacao Alchemy Gathering
Auberon Schull – Eclectic Fusion Dance


Featured Image by John Russell

by: Edward Heinrich