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Compass Area Spotlight: Haven

Literally meaning to make whole, healing is the process of restoration. When the waters get rough, our existence depends on our ability to restore peace and balance to our minds, bodies, spirits, and communities. Throughout human history, the healing arts have awakened the collective mind of humanity and helped to maintain balance in the face of turmoil. At Lightning in a Bottle, we encourage and promote healing, so as part of LIB’s Compass theme this year we present, The Haven. Here the focus is “Healing Our World”. Find your zen with a variety of bodywork and healing sessions, while empowering your mind and spirit with workshops and talks that intimately explore the relationship you have with yourself and with others. Join us in a journey of self-awakening and healing at the LIB Haven.

Check out the full listing of events below.

Featured Image by Andrew Schnyder

by: Marijke Uleman