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Compass Area Spotlight: The Landing

Today we find ourselves at a crux in human history — in a beautiful age when connectivity and the power to do good are at their highest. Yet greed, individualism, and divisiveness pervade the current sociopolitical climate. You’re at a landing, at a totally coincidental and beautifully fateful point in your nonlinear movement through space and time, where purpose and meaning are derived directly from your reaction to the phenomena around you. You’re alive.

As a part of our Compass theme this year, Lightning in a Bottle’s Landing area embraces the chance of existence, here and now, with a holistic series of seminars that encourage standing up for our world. Harkening back to the wisdom of our elders and the strides of modern understanding, learn what it means to be human amongst the entangled natural and manmade systems of our planet in an effort to be a part of a better tomorrow.

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by: Edward Heinrich