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Compass Speaker Spotlight: Bioneer’s Founder Kenny Ausubel

Kenny Ausubel is an award-winning social entrepreneur, author, journalist and filmmaker. He is the Founder and CEO of Bioneers, the internationally recognized nonprofit dedicated to disseminating breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet. He launched the annual Bioneers Conference in 1990 with his business partner and wife Nina Simons, Bioneers Co-Founder and President.

LIB is proud and excited to have Kenny as one of this year’s Compass keynote speakers. He will be speaking at the Beacon stage on Saturday afternoon at 12:30pm. The talk will focus on his groundbreaking new movie, “Changing of the Gods,” which is based on the work of Rachard Tarnas.



The film is an exploration of the revolutionary transformations our world has experienced (and is currently experiencing) and their correlations to cosmological events and alignments. The exploration continues with the film’s big idea: a cosmos saturated with consciousness. Kenny will be debuting some clips from the film and discussing the ideas behind it. You can learn more and support the project on its Kickstarter page.

by: Y2