The Cool and the Necessary: A Festival Packing List

Packing for Lightning in a Bottle is exciting yet there’s so much to do. Even during your drive to Bradley the mind is constantly coming up with things you should have stopped to get along the way. That is the beauty of attending LIB, though: each year you become more prepared and more enlightened on what you need to make the weekend more comfortable. There is nothing better than the feeling of satisfaction when camp is set up and the realization sets in that you actually brought everything you need – and nothing you didn’t! Indeed, a happy LIB is a prepared LIB. To get your ducks in a row use this list to aide you in achieving your most relaxed festival adventure yet.



Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom

Compact Yoga Mat

This one has the potential to change the whole course of your days, especially if your campsite is farther from the stages. Instead of worrying about carting around your yoga mat all day, or walking back to camp to drop it off, find one that you can fold and stick away in your backpack. This way, you can attend every yoga class you want to without worrying about missing a single beat. Not into yoga? Mats make a wonderful napping spot.


Dry Ice

A game changer for your cooler at the campsite. It keeps everything so much cooler and lasts so much longer than your normal frozen H2O. Although not the easiest supply to find, a Google search will show you places to find dry ice on your journey to Bradley.


Ear Plugs

Music gets loud, and your neighbors do too. Earplugs are essential to waking up with some quality sleep under your belt. They are also crucial for leaving LIB with your hearing intact. Ear plugs with acoustic filters are well worth the splurge, too. While traditional earplugs muffle the music, ear plugs with high and low pass filters reduce volume while preserving the clarity of audio.


drink-water - watchara

Photo by Watchara


A hydroflask is essential to happy hydration. If you want your ice cold water to stay that way for more than a few minutes- a Hydroflask will solve your problem. Water filling stations are never far at LIB. Official LIB Hydroflasks will be available at the merch booth if you forget yours at home, too. Lucky you!



Dancing queens and kings, this one is for you. Whether you’re into headbanging or just feeling the groove, it’s important to treat your body to some TLC so that you can continue to dance the night away. This holistic alternative to lidocaine products (think Icy Hot), will help you soothe those sore legs, backs and necks so you can move and groove all the LIB long day.


Portable Phone Charger

Nobody really wants to stand at a charging station waiting for their phones to turn back on- right? Bringing a portable phone charger will come in handy quite a bit during the week. Bonus points if it’s solar powered!


Photo by Jacob Avanzato

Spray Bottle

By day 3, there is so much dust built up in your hair that changing hairstyles gets difficult. Bring a spray bottle filled with water to ease the pain. A quick spritz is also a great way to hydrate skin and stay cool during the day. Trust: your friends on the dance floor will thank you for this.

Protein Bars

Sometimes you get hungry but don’t want to move from the perfect spot you finally found for yourself at the front of the Thunder stage. Here is where energy bars will save your life and hold you over until you finally get that slice of (much deserved) hot pizza.



Not just one towel, either! Messes happen and it isn’t that fun having to dry off from a shower with a towel that smells like tequila. While the showers on-site have complimentary soap you do have to pay for a towel rental, so save yourself some bucks.



Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom

Trash Bags

This one is a requirement. Pack in it, pack it out and do your share to keep the grounds beautiful. Don’t be the guy that leaves the filled trash bags at the campsite after the festival, either.


by: Mia Nissen

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