Desert Dwellers Bring Something New to LIB [INTERVIEW]

A duo of magnetic energy, Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe have built a reputation as pioneers in downtempo, trance, and consciousness-expanding bass. Their flavorful sound has blossomed since the two came together in the late 90’s. They connected through the Moontribe scene, an underground electronic music collective who gathered during full moons, communicated information only through word-of-mouth and exemplified a non-commercial ethos.

They have since become a pinnacle of psychedelic bass and tribal dance music. Their unique production balances natural raw sounds with sacred bass, ethereal downtempo, percussion, haunting voices, and instrumental sounds from many cultures. Desert Dwellers’ music is a pleasing combination of ancient and futuristic. Their values as a whole also largely incorporate the care of mind and body, and have over the years branched out into the yoga scene.

Already big into collaboration, the two have spearheaded their own label Desert Trax, which has featured releases and remixes by the likes of Govinda, Kayla Scintilla, Emancipator, David Starfire, Liquid Stranger, White Bear, and Living Light, among others.

Their prolific talent and experience within the musical realm has now fully merged with their love of movement and dance, turning a full blown sensory vision into an enchanting reality. Desert Dwellers have just unveiled their new Live Experience. Welcoming new souls to share the stage with them including aerial, acrobat, and fire performances, powerful vocals, and an intricate visionary stage structure, to create a sensory adventure that unfolds before your eyes and ears.

The cast of characters includes Tammy Firefly, a pint-sized performance artist with international acclaim whose talents consistently impress. Also joining is Anthony “Flowers” Ward, a mystical visionary artist who creates awe-inspiring live art with flowers and plants. Meagan Chandler, a world traveler and scholar of the arts, will be lending her heavenly voice which has been trained in many styles and contexts. The stage setup was designed by Carey Thompson of Galactivation, who has constructed mind-blowing installations and structures for prestigious events and festivals all over the country and world.

We are pleased to welcome such a spectacle to the Thunder Stage at this year’s LIB, so we touched base with the dynamic pair to gain some more perspective.

What was the inspiration behind the inception of the Desert Dwellers Live Experience?

From the time we started touring the idea of having a full band was always there, but over time after working with various performers the idea morphed into more of a stage show with a mix of live musicians and choreographed performance art. After doing a couple of short notice shows like this last year at Bali Spirit Fest and Sonic Bloom, it became clear that this was the way to take Desert Dwellers to the next level.

How did you pick the collaborators that will be joining you?

Meagan Chandler has been singing on Desert Dwellers music since the earlier Downtemple Dub albums and she has always been one of our favorite singers to work with. Her ability to sing in multiple languages and her incredible voice made her our instant top pick for our main live vocalist. We had also worked with both Tammy Firefly and Anthony Ward at various shows over the past few years and their uniqueness and pure raw talent made them easy choices to be our mainstay performers. Luckily for us all three of these people are also big fans of our music and were very excited to come on board to create this experience.

Any other secrets or info that we can share with our Lightning in a Bottle family?

One of the amazing things about being part of a global community like the international festival scene is the plethora of amazingly talented people we’ve met. The way we make each Live Experience show unique is by including different performers and musicians from each area we do the show in. For instance at LIB we’re able to call upon many of our favorite artists from California like Laura Dasi and Hannah Thiem (HÄANA). This gives each show its own flavor and keeps it fresh for us too!

Feature Image Courtesy of Desert Dwellers

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