Directions to LIB

The address to Lightning in a Bottle is: 2091 New Pleyto Road Bradley, CA 93426

If you need a lift to the festival consider our Lightning Bus options and ride in style with a squad or go it alone and make a bunch of new friends along the way!

Getting from San Francisco to Bradley, CA

Getting to LIB from San Francisco involves a bit over three hours of driving south on the 101. After you’re on the 101, take the route down for about 150 miles down to Jolon Rd.

> Get on the 101 South
> Take the County Hwy-G14/Jolon Road exit, EXIT 283, toward Fort Hunter Liggett.

> Once you’re on Jolon rd, follow it through the twists and turns onto your destination. You’ll stay on it for 32.6 miles which is 36 minutes without traffic. Be on the look-out for New Pleyto Rd, and turn right.


Getting from Los Angeles to Bradley, CA

As a reminder, LIB’s address is: 2091 New Pleyto Road Bradley, CA 93426. If you’re coming from Los Angeles, CA, you’ve got two options for getting to LIB.

You can come up via the 1-5 North, or the 101 N. If you’re more inland, you might opt for the 1-5 North, but if you’re coming from the coast you’re likely to take the 101.

From the 1-5N

> Get on the 1-5 North

> Follow the 1-5 to Kern County (for about 142 miles) and take exit 278 for California 46 towards Lost Hills/ Paso Robles. Take a sharp left to stay on the CA-46 until you see the ramp onto the US 101 N. Taking a right on Sulphur Springs Rd should get you there.

> Follow the 101 N to Jolon Rd, exit 252. Follow Jolon Rd to New Pleyto Rd.


From the 101N

> Get on the 101 N. Follow the 101N to Calle Real in Santa Barbara for about 98 miles. You can either stay on the 101N the entire time, or for a shortcut, take exit 101B for CA 1-154 W. After you follow CA – 154 W for 33 miles, you’ll get back on the 101 N.

> Follow the 101 N to exit 252 for Jolon Rd. Follow Jolon Rd to New Pleyto Rd.


by: Simona Asinovski

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