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Early Arrival Passes

After the overwhelming success at the High Grounds Camp, we’re excited to bring back Early Arrival Passes for the lucky few who want to get an insiders look, behind-the-scenes at LIB. First, beat the lines and come Wednesday for an easy, breezy entry. Next, immerse yourself in a full day with artists, craftsmen and thought leaders from all over the world. Then, get to know the lay of the land and make a few new friends before the festival kicks into full swing. There’s nothing like a day devoted to community and connection before the stages light up to send us on glorious festival adventures!
Don’t snooze on these because the word is out: The Early Arrival Pass is the perfect way to take your LIB experience up a notch with a full extra day!

Get your Early Arrival Pass HERE!

Why Go with Early Arrival?


Early Arrival Pass holders get to beat the traffic and breeze through the street where the line will be the next day. See the LIB city rise, do some shopping, or just take advantage of the extra easy arrival experience and snap a few photos of the picturesque landscapes of San Antonio Recreation Area before the festival starts. It’s the best way to beat the crowd. You can also call any friends who are arriving the next day for an emergency stop if you get to LIB and discover you forgot something important.  


Even with proper planning, sometimes there just isn’t enough time in a day to experience all of LIB’s amazing offerings that were on your list. Now, beginning Wednesday, Early Arrival Pass Holders will have access to an abundance of speakers, workshops, yoga and classes available only to those who arrive early. Plus the Grand Artique will be in full effect with their signature brand of frontier trading and shenanigan making for a full day of learning and fun you do not want miss.


High Grounds, LIB’s new centralized campground, is located directly across from the main festival grounds and will be reserved for Early Arrival Pass Holders. Sitting on a hill overlooking the festival, High Grounds is a short walk away from the festival action and has the best views of any of our campgrounds.


Finally arriving on site at LIB can be one of the most exciting parts of the entire weekend, but it can also be the most exhausting. Now you can have an entire day to set up, reset, and begin relaxing into your new home away from home. Take a stroll for a once in a lifetime behind the scene experience where you can meet artists as they put the final touches on their sculptures. You can talk to LIB crew who have been working for months to design and build our iconic structures. Or you can sit in hammock and rest up for the adventures ahead. There’s no wrong way to arrive early!


The personal connections and friendships made at a festival are what make an experience truly unforgettable. Use the extra time spent onsite to connect with existing friends, build new relationships, or feel free to just be yourself amongst a like-minded community of people.

Here’s what Early Arrivers at LIB 2016 had to say!


Photo by Watchara

“It’s well worth it. LIB has so much to explore it’s almost necessary in my opinion to get the full experience!”

— One Happy Camper


Photo by Get Tiny

“I really loved coming early I got to see thunder stage while it was still being built and I kinda felt like I was behind the scenes! Also a lot of venders came out for the early night and that was awesome! All in all, it was like an extra day of the festival that kinda let me get a feel before I really jumped in. I love LIB! It’s my favorite festival of all time and you just can’t go wrong with an extra day.”

— Witnessing the Birth of Thunder


 Photo by Watchara

“My girlfriend got incredibly stressed about the fact that we were arriving at around 10:30am instead of our planned arrival time of 10:00am, which lead to one of our worst fights ever. I tried telling her we would be fine since it was early arrival, and there wouldn’t be any long lines. She disagreed. There ended up being no lines lines and we were like the 6th car in the entire parking lot, so I guess I won that fight. I never said “I told you so” since I just wanted to jump into the LIB spirit… so thank you, early arrival!”

— Boy Loves Girl


Photo by JORG Photo

“If you want a short walk to the shower, arrive early. If you want to soak up as much of the festival as you possibly can, arrive early. If you want to breeze into the festival from your nearby camp, arrive early!! If you want to be positioned perfectly for a smooth and swift exit when the festival is over, arrive early!!”

— The Early Bird


Photo by Jacob Avanzato

“Haven’t you ever gone to a festival and when it ended, wish there was another day? THIS IS THAT DAY!!!”

— The Time Traveler



Early Arrival FAQs

If my whole group wants to do Early Arrival, do we all need a pass?

Yes, one Early Arrival Pass per person.

If my children and I want to do Early Arrival, do they need to purchase an EA Pass full price?

Kids 16 & under can do Early Arrival for free, 17+ must purchase an Early Arrival Pass. Must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who has an Early Arrival Pass.

What time will gates close on Wednesday night?


What Programing Will Be Offered on Wednesday and Thursday?

The many learning opportunities at LIB will be the main focus during the day on Wednesday. We’ll be hosting speakers, workshops, yoga and classes with special celebrations in the evenings. Plus the Grand Artique will be in full effect with their signature brand of frontier trading and shenanigans. Thursday we’ll add music in the Favela and Pagoda Bar’s and Friday the rest of the festival activities will open up. It is our hope with so many people already acclimated and fully feeling the LIB vibes that the entire festival will be more electrified with connective energy than ever before. We’ll release detailed scheduling as the festival gets closer.

Will Lightning Buses be operating on Wednesday?

Yes. Lightning Buses will be running on Wednesday from select cities. Head to our site to find out more.

Can I camp with my car or RV in High Grounds Campground?

Yes, car camping is permitted in High Grounds with the purchase of a Car Camping Pass (1 pass per car) in addition to your Early Arrival Festival Pass. RV Campers will need a RV Camping Pass (1 per RV) in addition to their Early Arrival and Festival Passes. However, RV’s will be directed to a specific RV Campground upon arrival instead of the High Grounds.

Can I camp anywhere or just High Grounds Campground?

The High Grounds will be the only camp open until Thursday morning unless you have an RV Pass. RV Passes will be directed to the RV camp areas.

Can Boutique Camp purchasers arrive early?

No, Boutique Camp will not be open until Thursday. If you would like to take advantage of our Boutique Camp offerings, please arrive on Thursday (or later) and do not purchase an early arrival pass.

Will the High Grounds only be reserved for Early Entry Camping after the festival opens?

No. The High Grounds will be open to participants that arrive after Wednesday if space is available.

What is included with an Early Arrival Pass? Do I need to buy a Festival Pass in addition to my Early Entry Pass?

An Early Arrival Pass grants you onsite access Wednesday before the festival begins, but it does not include your festival entry. Early arrivers will need to purchase a festival pass alongside their early arrival pass in order to enter on Wednesday. Vehicle passes are sold separately.

Is there Family Camp for Early Arrival Pass Holders?

We will allow family camp access early for those that pre-register. Family camp registration will be available soon.