Green Report

Our green workshops and speakers are focused on inspiring empowered action through hands-on projects and thought provoking talks that teach you tools to become healthier and create a more sustainable world, while connecting deeply with nature and the community around us.


LIB reduces as much energy use as possible through energy management initiatives. These include investing in LED stage lighting as much as possible, and using compact fluorescent bulbs in all other areas. Where possible, we also use solar lights.

Free Water

Zero waste, zero shipping, zero cost, eliminated plastic packaging, and eliminated toxic chemicals leaching into the water.

Harm Reduction

We want to keep people alive, happy and out of the Medical tent, so we work with several partner organizations to make sure our attendees stay safe and informed.


At LIB, we want to change lives. We want people to not only be inspired at the festival, but to leave and make a big difference at home in their communities.