Green Report

greenerfestival2014LIB is audited every year on its environmental performance. We perform this audit to track, measure and evaluate our growth and performance, not only to ensure we’re upholding our mission, but also to continue to set and raise the standards for green, environmentally friendly festivals everywhere.

LIB was also evaluated by A Greener Festival from 2010-2014, and due to the initiatives outlined in our Green Report, was the only festival in the United States to win the Outstanding Award all five years. This makes us the Greenest Festival in America!

Check out the AGF announcement here.

2014 Green Report Coming Soon!


Free Water

Since 2006 we have been giving away free water and are happy to see other festivals around the world pick up on that trend.

Zero waste, zero shipping, zero cost, eliminated plastic packaging, and eliminated toxic chemicals leaching into the water.

We will again be providing free water this year: purchase an LIB water bottle, or bring your own bottle. Water filters at water stations improve taste and remove any VOCs, sediments, and chlorine. Our water bottles are free petroleum or other toxic liners that leach into the water.

Plastic bottles will NOT be available for sale. We also ask that you please not bring them.

Additional Water Initiatives:

  • An on site Environmental Impact Assessment report is performed to ensure our activities do not negatively impact Lake San Antonio

  • Signage educates attendees about reducing water use.

  • Greywater is used to control air pollution by spraying it on the grounds dust.


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Step 1: Reduce

LIB reduces as much energy use as possible through energy management initiatives. These include investing in LED stage lighting as much as possible, and using compact fluorescent bulbs in all other areas. Where possible, we also use solar lights.

Step 2: Renewable Energies

After reducing energy use, we maximize as much renewable energy fuel sources as possible. This includes biodiesel, solar, and wind. Biodiesel runs our light towers, generators, camping shuttles, and crew vehicles.

We utilize a hybrid solar and wind generator to power, as well as provide a solar cell phone recharging station for attendees to use.

Step 3: Net Zero Energy Through Carbon Offsets

Any energy use we cannot eliminate, we offset through certified carbon offsets. We carefully select the projects we contribute to when offsetting our emissions, looking for projects that are as local as possible, and verified by the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) to ensure reductions are accurately measured and the project is sustainably managed.

This year our offsets will go toward the Fiscalini Dairy Farm in Modesto, CA which operates an anaerobic digester system to capture methane gas created from the farm’s cow manure. The anaerobic digester prevents the release of methane. Electricity produced from methane capture is used to run the farm. Liquid effluent by-product from the process is used to fertilize the farm’s crops, while the solid effluent is used as bedding for livestock.


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At LIB, we want to change lives. We want people to not only be inspired at the festival, but to leave and make a big difference at home in their communities.

Our environmental lineup of workshops focuses on easy, low cost, do-it-yourself (DIY) ways that people can lower resource use and learn to grow their own food and make their own resources. We’re making it fun, easy and sensible so you can try it all at home!

Our workshops are not just about learning from the facilitator, they are an important venue for bringing together community to connect and discuss new solutions with one another. LIB is known for being an important community meeting point for starting new projects and revitalizing current ones with new inspirations.

LIB also places a large emphasis on our children, the future leaders of the planet. Look forward to our wide range of educational initiatives, for people of all types.

Green Mission

WE WANT YOU to Leave It Better, Leave It Beautiful! We want YOU to leave the event with better tools for your life, and leave the land better and more beautiful than you found it. As an integral part of our community, please find ways to "Leave A Positive Trace" from our time together.

Our green workshops and speakers are focused on inspiring empowered action through hands-on projects and thought provoking talks that teach you tools to become healthier and create a more sustainable world, while connecting deeply with nature and the community around us.


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How to Go Green at LIB [Infographic]

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