Step 1: Reduce

LIB reduces as much energy use as possible through energy management initiatives. These include investing in LED stage lighting as much as possible, and using compact fluorescent bulbs in all other areas. Where possible, we also use solar lights.

Step 2: Renewable Energies

After reducing energy use, we maximize as much renewable energy fuel sources as possible. This includes biodiesel, solar, and wind. Biodiesel runs our light towers, generators, camping shuttles, and crew vehicles.

We utilize a hybrid solar and wind generator to power, as well as provide a solar cell phone recharging station for attendees to use.

Step 3: Net Zero Energy Through Carbon Offsets

Any energy use we cannot eliminate, we offset through certified carbon offsets. We carefully select the projects we contribute to when offsetting our emissions, looking for projects that are as local as possible, and verified by the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) to ensure reductions are accurately measured and the project is sustainably managed.

This year our offsets will go toward the Fiscalini Dairy Farm in Modesto, CA which operates an anaerobic digester system to capture methane gas created from the farm’s cow manure. The anaerobic digester prevents the release of methane. Electricity produced from methane capture is used to run the farm. Liquid effluent by-product from the process is used to fertilize the farm’s crops, while the solid effluent is used as bedding for livestock.


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