Free Water

Free Water

water2Since 2006 we have been giving away free water and are happy to see other festivals around the world pick up on that trend.
Zero waste, zero shipping, zero cost, good for the health.

We will again be providing free water this year: purchase an LIB water bottle, or bring your own bottle.   Water filters at water stations improve taste and remove any VOCs, sediments, and chlorine.

Plastic bottles will NOT be available for sale.  We also ask that you please not bring them.

Additional Water Initiatives:

•    An on site Environmental Impact Assessment report is performed to ensure our activities do not negatively impact Lake San Antonio
•    Signage educates attendees of the benefits of low-flow toilets and water and shower taps
•    Bathroom faucets are adjusted to low flow settings
•    Greywater from showers is used to control air pollution by spraying it on the grounds dust

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