Everything that’s NEW at LIB in 2017

This year FOMO will be at an all-time high for those not making it out to Lake Lightning in a Bottle! For those who have heard the call and are already planning to join us for Memorial Day Weekend, we’ve got more than a few new attractions at the festival to be excited about this year. In fact, this edition of LIB is expected to be the most unique Do LaB experience to date. There are so many firsts happening at the festival that we made a list of all the new new this year. Seeing all of it will be a challenge. Luckily, Monday is a Holiday.

Festival Shown: Coachella | Structure: The Beacon by Do LaB + Vita Motus | Photo by Juliana Bernstein // Get Tiny 

The signature psychedelic structures that Do LaB creates have always been a staple of our events. This year, there are 10 new structures and 2 additional stages. The Beacon, which made it’s debut last month at Coachella will be home to the keynote talks at the Heart of the festival, The Compass. The Woogie is also getting a complete makeover too. With all the new structures we had to make some adjustments to the map too. Take a look and see if you can spot some of the newest structures awaiting you at LIB.

Photo by Guru

Action-Packed Experiences

If you’re looking to find your own caterpillar halfway down the rabbit hole spending a little time at one of the many interactive experiences at LIB is sure to be a hit, whether you’re rolling solo or in a squad. Check out the mysterious and all new White Library, go on a 5k dash in the Must-Dash Run, make a few new friends at speed dating or visit the Revo Lounge for some of the sweetest sonic nectar DTLA has to offer.

Photo by Juliana Bernstein // Get Tiny 

Little Moments with Big Art

As an art-first festival, LIB is always home to a rare collection of world-class “big art”. Since the artists rarely get the opportunity to showcase their craft, it’s always a thrill to see what they come up with when they really unleash the unbridled creativity. Along with five engaging pieces of big art there will be few lakeside bonus pieces of aquatic art for your swimming-climbing-diving pleasure.

Courtesy of Ivy Lab

Eclectic Music Flavors for the Distinguished Pallet

In typical Do LaB fashion, LIB is serving up some of the most scintillating sounds in what may be the most eclectic lineup yet. Drum & Bass lovers, Ivy Lab and Calyx & Teebee are here. Hedflux, Perfect Stranger and spacegeishA are offering a taste of inner space travel for all the true trance fans.

Photo by Daniel Zetterstrom

Creating Our Own Compass

Along with a bevy of new environments the inaugural debut of the Compass marks the evolution of the festival into a hub for education around activism and hopefully a springboard for social change. Along with music classes, mentoring opportunities and an array of all new educational opportunities, the Compass will continue in the footsteps of its predecessor honoring the land and the indigenous people that are part of our community – but with a rededicated intention to build a better future.

Photo by Andre Schnyder

Yoga in a Whole New Way

What’s better than a new space to practice yoga? Two new spaces to practice Yoga! New this year, LIB is introducing Luna Yoga and Yoga Sol. Two reimagined spaces for fun movement classes, innovative yoga workshops, and mind-molding meditations.

Photo by Gilles Kali

Fully Immersive Virtual Reality 

When Android Jones experiments with a new medium he doesn’t mess around. When he showed up with a projection mapped dome last year we thought he’d never surpass himself but now he’s transporting us into a new world cast in the fires of his wild imagination. Whether you’re new to VR or not, tie your shoes before putting on the headset or run the risk of getting your socks knocked off.

Photo by Y2


Even though LIB is at the same location it has been for the last three years this time it’s completely different because the rainfall and the resulting watershed have blessed the land with a majestic lake. It’s as tremendous for the county as it is for LIB too because now that it has become home to a world teaming with grassy hills and roving wildlife once more, the park can become a recreation destination again. For the first time ever, we can swim in the lake. If that wasn’t enough we’ll also have aquatic art from the imagine nation, Prescott McCarthy, Reincarnature and our first Mayor of LIB, W.C. Thornton.


Featured Photo by Juliana Bernstein // Get Tiny 

by: Graham Berry