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Exiting LIB

I know it’s sad to even think about departing LIB before it’s even begun, but knowing your camp’s egress (exit) plan will mean less stress and struggle come Monday of the festival.

What you need to know:

+  There is only one 2-lane road in and out of LIB, which means exiting on Monday will be a slow process as it always is.

+  Every year, our incredible Ops Team comes up with ways to make the next year smoother and swifter than the last, but we ask for your patience and understanding as there is only so much our teams can do with 1 road to work with.

+  Everyone must begin their final exit by 1pm on Monday, 5/29

+  Instead of fighting egress, we advise everyone to work with it!

*NEW* Extended Monday Offerings -Although we don’t have the magical power to speed up the exodus process, we can however make waiting out the traffic more enjoyable and relaxing. Those who choose to hang back can take advantage of newly offered yoga classes, as well as extended hours on food and services including Dough LaB, coffee, merch, showers, and ice.  Don’t forget swimming in beautiful Lake LIB!

If you have to get home ASAP on Monday…

+  Leave before 10AM on Monday. 2017 marks our fourth year at Lake San Antonio and the recurring sweet spot for departure time continues to be 10AM.  If you begin your drive out before 10AM, you will likely have a quick exit out of San Antonio Recreation Area.

+  Pro-Tip: If you don’t want to cut your time short by leaving Sunday, try packing up half  your camp when temperatures cool down later in the day. Kitchens, chill areas, EZ ups, and pretty much anything else that isn’t essential to getting a good night sleep.

If you are not in a huge rush to hit the road on Monday…

+  Sit back, relax and wait out the traffic – Like we said, the egress process is a slow one, so why opt to sit in your hot, over-packed car for hours on end when you could be savoring those last few hours with campmates and friends?

+  Pro-Tip: If most of your camp isn’t in a hurry to hit the road, plan on attending one of the newly added yoga classes at Yoga Sol, grab LIB swag at the merch booth, enjoy pizza from the Dough LaB, take a dip in Lake LIB, or go above and beyond by picking up fly away trash in the campgrounds!

+  Be a considerate LIB’er and try to save the road for those who really need to make it home for work or other commitments.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this. Please spread the word and plan accordingly – Cheers!

by: Molly Narodick

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