long10Lightning in a Paintcan

Check out the full Lightning in a Paintcan lineup of artist in the Showcase.

For the 7th year in a row The Do LaB and participating artists will be collaborating through live painting, and a subsequent silent auction, to raise money for public art programs. Scattered throughout the festival grounds will be many of your favorite live painters creating their amazing artwork for you to see manifest during your LIB experience. During the event we will hold a silent auction where you can bid on your favorite art piece, and take it home with you!

LIP Silent Auction for all live paintings begins Thursday at Noon and ends Sunday at 10pm, the BUY IT NOW option will end at Midnight.

The LIP Artwalk is on Sunday of the festival, from 7pm until Midnight in front of the Do Art Booth and CAVE gallery. This is the final opportunity to place your bids and take home your favorite piece of art!

Art Installations

Check out this year's lineup of Art Installations in the Showcase.

Installation art has been popping up at events and festivals for many years and there will be no shortage again this year, at Lightning in a Bottle. These installations range from smaller interactive pieces to larger-than-life sculptures and jaw dropping creations that challenge architectural norms.

The Do ArT Foundation

Do ArT is an arts organization focused on the promotion and creation of work visible in the public landscape. Recognizing the need for artistic productions to create important humanitarian cultural conversations, Do ArT facilitates projects that inspire creative expression within our society.

Do ArT Foundation is a non-profit organization that answers the need of art access and education for our society. Do ArT aims to bring art and a voice to people and communities that otherwise might not have been given the tools for artistic expression. We believe that art should be brought into our lives and community as a practice of our human experience.

As an international organization, our vision is to engage art as a forum to foster exchange of ideas and culture. Do ArTwill focus on projects and programs that involve unconventional art education and expression. In our vision, artists will unite with movements to foster creativity, communication, and understanding through direct and free access to all artistic mediums in the public space.

For more information on The Do ArT Foundation please visit their website here.
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