The Village

The Village


The Living Village is a cultural experiment born from the shared aspiration to explore what village life means and how to bring that into a contemporary context. Our intention is to learn by doing, to be individually and collectively engaged with how to experientially create and sustain a Village.

This project is an interactive, intergenerational, education based environment focused on earth based wisdom traditions and the skills necessary to be a sustainable, thriving, interdependent community. There is a focus on honoring the elements and cycles of the natural world, on identifying and refining our individual and collective offerings and remembering a life that integrates the sacred and the creative into everyday. Restorative and social permaculture design systems are at the heart of the VIllage structure. The unique gifts of everyone present will be nurtured and cultivated, creating an environment where, like a traditional Village, every single person has an integral and valued role to play.

The Living Village consists of multiple micro-environments, including the Sacred Fire, Ancestral Arts Arbor, Tea Temple and Community Lodge, largely constructed from found and recycled materials. Within these spaces, participants will have the opportunity to experience many aspects of this way of being, such as song and story sharing, ritual theater, ceremony, and practical applications of traditional ways. We will be providing varied forms of ancestral arts classes such as carving, archery, fire making and weaving, as well as councils and presentations of traditional stories and prophecies with Indigenous Elders and lineage holders. The Living Village will function both as a site for learning to occur and as a hub for the promotion and networking of other organizations and businesses that are aligned with our mission.

When we begin shifting our core life question from “What do I truly want?” to “What do I truly have to offer?” then, as a community, we begin to evaluate wealth based on the whole system rather than the individual parts. The Living Village intends not only to begin shifting our collective awareness in that direction, but also to provide tangible guidance for how to recognize and develop these offerings in a way that benefits both our personal evolution and our ability to be of real service to the larger whole.

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