Art & Lightning in a Paintcan

For the 10th year in a row Do Art Foundation, the public art non-profit of The Do LaB will be exhibiting works that will be inspired and created at the festival – transforming into incredible paintings over the course of the event. This year we will be auctioning canvases as well as pre-selling prints of the works so that everyone will have the opportunity to participate in taking artwork home – and hang to memorialize what will be the best festival year yet! Scattered throughout the festival grounds will be many of your favorite live painters, at the stages on showcase – creating their amazing artwork during your LIB experience. We will hold a silent auction of work on Sunday night at our famous LIP ARTWALK for those that want to take an original piece home.

The LIP ARTWALK is on Sunday from 7pm until Midnight in front of the Do Art Booth. This is the final opportunity to place your bids and take home your favorite piece of art or order prints to be shipped and sent to you or someone you love! Money from these sales goes directly to the artists, and supports the creation of public art programs. Please visit their website to learn more.


Installation art is an integral part of the Lightning in a Bottle experience. We encourage you to take time out to explore, experience and gather inspiration from the installations, which range from smaller interactive pieces to larger-than-life sculptures and architectural pieces.



Do Art Foundation is a non-profit arts organization focused on the promotion and creation of work visible in the public landscape. With its ability to uplift, inspire, invigorate, unify, and galvanize individuals and communities, art plays an integral and universal role in the enhancement and expression of our human experience. While art is traditionally confined to galleries, Do Art aims to bring art to the people, to the streets. By using public spaces as open-air galleries and exhibition spaces, Do Art embraces cultural vitality and diversity, servicing a broad range of communities and engaging with individuals of all socio-economic strata.

Do Art serves as a dynamic liaison between artists, communities, civic leaders, and public spaces, providing a fertile platform for creativity and conversation through socially-engaging, culturally-attuned, and aesthetically-stimulating artistic manifestations across multiple disciplines.

As a vehicle for cultural, social, and civic development, Do Art serves the public, first and foremost, and aspires to improve and augment the overall quality of life of those individuals, communities, and neighborhoods it services.

Visit their website for more information on how to get involved and support The Do Art Foundation.