Immersive Environments

At Lightning in a Bottle, you have a unique opportunity to stumble upon many experiences outside of the musical stages that are full of lively, participatory fun and shenanigans. The interactive areas at LIB truly allow you to lose yourself in an entire universe of play. From fully immersive environments to roving interactive stations and pop-up art car environments, be sure to take some time to stop by and drop into an entirely different world that will make your LIB experience unforgettable and uniquely yours. A few of the immersive areas you can look forward to this year are The Jive Joint, , Giggle Juice Cafe at the Lost Hotel, The Tea Temple and returning for their 7th year – The Grand Artique.

The Grand Artique

grand-artique-WatcharaPhoto by Watchara

The Grand Artique returns to Lightning in a Bottle for the 7th year in a row! Bringing back to life their town of Frontierville, a fully immersive Trading Post/General Store, hotel, gypsy encampment and a heavy hitting music line up that will have you ripping up the dance floor deep into the night. The Grand Artique is one interactive area and stage of LIB you don’t want to miss out on! Don’t forget to dig through your treasures and bring something to trade! See you at The Grand Artique!

Amori’s Casino and Burlesque

amoris-watcharaPhoto by Watchara

Amori’s Casino & Burlesque is a sexy, sensual, immersive experience featuring live burlesque and cabaret, gaming, wandering characters, live bands, fire shows, DJ’s and all manner of shenanigans. Open every night from 11 to 5 am and for dinners (by reservation) from 7 – 9pm. Come join in the festivities with three time Mayor of LIB and reigning Mayor of Love – Paul E. Amori!

Jive Joint

STP1Photo by JORG Photo

The Jive Joint is a destination, discovery, and journey all wrapped up into one. This interactive art installation features a colorful, New Orleans style house. Groove out to the jazzy, funky, soulful tunes produced by Super Tall Paul’s legendary on-the-spot musical looping. Comedic and bizarre Jive Joint characters provide genius improvisational entertainment creating hilarious memories to last a lifetime. Magic, unicycle, juggling, nose whistle, silly contests, freestyle rapping, finding love, special guests, and even you may be a featured moment on the Jive Joint stage.

Come at midnight and sign up to share your music, dance, comedy, or theatrical skills at the Jive Joint talent show. The Jive Joint cast will provide comedic hosting and judging as you express your inner rock star. Swing by the Jive Joint in the afternoon to check out comedy and improv workshops guided by the talented Jive Joint cast. These interactive and fun workshops will inspire dramatic self discovery utilizing the power of funny. The Jive Joint welcomes you!

The Gong Sanctuary

sound-healing-zetterstromPhoto by Daniel Zetterstrom

Lay down & relax to receive the sound vibrations of singing bowls, gongs and chimes as they guide us into a deep meditation. The healing vibrations pass through our bodies, opening blockages and allowing our minds to quiet. A wide range of ancient world traditions from Confucianism to the Pythagoreans’ claimed that sound could not only “”tune the soul”” but affect our cosmological & social worlds as well. The physiological impact of sound on the body, emotions & cognition is apparent. Through the vibrations of these instruments we experience an inner calm and deep relaxation that enables us to journey within and center.

Learn more about why you should experience the Sound Healing at LIB here!

Giggle Juice Cafe at the Lost Hotel


A unique oasis for the body and mind. Giggle Juice @ The Lost Hotel is a nomadic hotel theatre offering a full-service restaurant, juice bar, & cube tents like no other.  Our hospitality, services, and amenities are more than they seem.  We are “participatory hotel theatre” and we’re inviting you to co-create the theatre with us. The Giggle Juice restaurant & juice bar are the front doors to this experience. We offer you the chance to explore culinary landscapes that rejuvenate the body with a full menu that includes: Sexy Eggs, exotic fresh juice combinations, and more…

For the more adventurous, we offer Lighting In a Plate: A dining experience, where we lead our guest on an unforgettable journey through a curated, bohemian five-course meal performed on our rooftop dining table that offers unobstructed views of the festival and sunsets. Want to continue the journey into the inner parts of the Lost Hotel?  But of course, right this way!  Be warned, you might get lost.  Each cube tent is literally a blank canvas for our hotel inhabitants and guests to immerse you into the world they create!

To make a reservation for our fine dining experience click here.

To be considered for an experience cube email

The Tea Temple by Om Shan Tea

tea-with-fortune-by-JASMINE-IMARAPhoto by Jasmine Imara

Back again for their 7th LIB, the Tea Temple returns to bring warm cups, open hearts and the conversation dreams are made of. Get ready for aromatic blends that are both rejuvenating and calming, for a taste of something truly special where a casual passerby can become a dear friend.

Lightning in a Paintcan


For its 10th year, the public art non-profit Do Art Foundation is curating Lightning in a Paintcan at Lightning in a Bottle 2016! After envisioning and refining the festival live painting concept over the last 10 years, this year Do Art is innovating, pushing the live painting experience to be more predominant, visible and accessible for festival goers.
Get ready to buy art and meet and observe the most talented live painters!  We are again, hand selecting an intimate group of Artists who will create smaller more affordable works throughout the festival!  Watch as your favorite artists transform wooden panels into incredible paintings over the course of the event!  We will also feature 8 large scale mural works in designated areas.  These will be for sale, but also made affordable and accessible online after the festival with the creation of signed print editions.  Follow Do Art’s website to learn more.
As we do every year, Do Art will be directly selling paintings, so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in taking artwork home – and hang to memorialize what will be the best festival year yet!  During the day, watch as more pieces from world-renown artists appear and proliferate within the Do Art Temple area.  Every night, come join the artists and Do Art between 7-10pm at the famous LIP ARTWALK to purchase your favorite original painting. Money from these sales goes directly to the artists, and supports the creation of public art programs. Please visit the Do Art website to learn more.

See our complete list of experiential offerings for LIB 2016 here! 

Featured Image by JORG Photo