Temple of Consciousness

The Lucent Temple of Consciousness, in the heart of the festival, is a haven of inspiration featuring world renown visionaries, wisdom keepers, master teachers, healers, activists, performers, and musicians. All Temple offerings are designed to activate your body, expand your mind, and open your heart.

The Temple of Consciousness is a sacred refuge devoted to crystallizing our understanding of self, health, science, ecology, spirituality and the mystical. Join us in our mission to provide the tools and support to co-create and birth the most positive transformational shift we all know is possible.


Lightning Stage Yoga! New this season LIB presents a unique opportunity to experience yoga in a BIG way. Bring your mat, some water and get ready to go deep.

• Friday: YOGA OF BASS: Ecstatic Bass Session with FreQ Nasty and Claire Thompson
• Saturaday: YOGA UNDER THE EARTH HARP: feat. Kishan Shah with music by William Close and The Earth Harp Collective
• Sunday: SONIC SHAMANIC: A movement journey by Nicole Doherty feat. DJ Marques Wyatt

Panels! An eclectic array of profound and timely topics hit the Temple Stage like never before. Come learn from the experts as they merge intellect and heart.

• Thursday: Action Panel on Permaculture moderated by Ryan Rising feat. numberous Permaculture Experts
• Saturday: Indigenous Intelligence and Plant Medicine Panel feat. Zach Leary, John Perkins, Daniel Raphel, Dr. Gerry, and Ariel Mendoza, moderated by Tony Moss. Flat Earth Panel feat. Marty Leeds, Sevan Bomar, Laura Eisenhower, and Suprise Guest, Moderated By Dream Rockwell
• Sunday: Sex, Love and Intimacy Panel feat. Michaela Boehm, Robert Kandell, Lara Catone, Kamali Minter, Cheri Rae, and Layla Martin

Contact Improv + Ecstatic Dance Sets
Dance your face off every night on the Yoga Om stage from 8:30pm to midnight! Contact Improv led by: Daniel Mollner, Sita Devi and Raina Satori and Ecstatic Dance DJs: Dj Dragonfly, Shamans Dream, Dj CUTTaRUGG, Tasha Blank and Ryan Herr

Lucent Temple Speaker Series
Don’t recognize anyone on the speaker line up ? take a closer look and come get your mind blown wide open… This year we have booked our speakers in a very different way. We are bringing you information from deep within the wizard schools, think tanks and ancient wisdom schools of the world. We have selected speakers who bring something unique and special to the table, some of whom are agreeing to speak in public for the very first time. Please take a little time to check out these speakers before arriving onsite so you don’t miss anything that you might really love to see.

Healing Sanctuary
We are still looking for professional therapists and oracles who would like to offer their services in our Healing Sanctuary. Year after year this unique area provides a full range of touch and energetic modalities to sooth, rejuvenate and truly heal.

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