The Grand Artique

The Grand Artique returns to Lightning in a Bottle for the 7th year in a row! Bringing back to life their town of Frontierville, a fully immersive Trading Post/ General Store, hotel, gypsy encampment and a heavy hitting music line up that will have you ripping up the dance floor deep into the night. The Grand Artique is one interactive area and stage of LIB you don’t want to miss out on! Don’t forget to dig through your treasures and bring something to trade! See you at The Grand Artique!

Music Unlike Any Other Place in the Festival

Stepping into The Grand Artique at LIB you will quickly realize the musical soundtrack emanating from the stage spans a wide range of live music genres! You’ll notice yourself tapping your toes to a variety of genres spanning from Americana to Hip Hop, Jazz to Country, Reggae to everything else in between! Soon you will realize you keep coming back again and again and again because there’s really no other place like The Grand Artique. Plus a trip to LIB wouldn’t be complete if you missed a showing of Frontierville’s very own W.C. Thornbush & The Great American Show! Really, you don’t want to miss out on this all out, no holds barred, pure unadulterated, down home good ol’ time!  All your friends will be there, you should be too! 

Hanky Panks at Grand Artique

Photo Courtesy of the Grand Artique

Win a Prize at Hanky Pank’s Game of Chance

Just beyond The Hotel, in the meadows of Frontierville, a special treat awaits both young and old.  The carnival is coming to town! These odd, boisterous folk will be pulling in their wagons and setting up their games of chance. Come one, come all, come on in and test your skills for the shot to win big. Knock over those milk jugs, try the ring toss, land your token on a floating plate! Do you have what it takes?  Perhaps your skills earn you a lucky rabbit’s foot or better yet, a one-of-a-kind flask. Prizes a plenty, fun galore! No one leaves without the guarantee of a smile at the very least and maybe even a bag of fresh popcorn. Hanky Pank’s Games of Skill, only at The Grand Artique!


Photo Courtesy of the Grand Artique

Grab a Drink at Skinny DeVille’s 

You’ve made it this far, traversed the entire festival grounds with your merry bunch of compatriots and you find yourself once again in Frontierville at The Grand Artique. Your trotters are aching, your peepers are dry and your throat is parched. Dear friend, you are in the right place at the right time. Saddle on up to Skinny’s Bar where the beer is cold and the talk is loose. With delicious frosty ones on tap and an excellent selection of the finest whisky this side of meditation hill, you won’t be leaving ay time soon. Which is just fine because you also happen to have the best seat in the house for a great view of The Grand Artique stage!

Perhaps you have sauntered in just in time for the special drink of the day or to share a toast with Mayor WC Thornbush.  Skinny Deville’s Bar where you arrive a stranger and leave a friend.


Photo Courtesy of the Grand Artique

Take the Stage in The Great American Talent Show

Back for another year of home grown entertainment and gentle judgment it’s The Grand Artique’s very own Great American Talent Show!  This is your chance to participate and shine on stage in front of your peers and a panel of LIB’s finest celebrity judges.  Get up there and give it your all with the chance to be dubbed Lightning In a Bottle’s Most Talented of 2017!  Or perhaps you simply prefer to watch and cheer on your fellow festival goer as they dance, delight, and entertain in the footlights and under the stars.  Weather you are a participant or a spectator you will have a blast and be thoroughly entertained, you really never know what to expect at The Great American Talent Show!


Photo by AOK Photography 

Take your Vitamins, See the Doctor

Keeping optimal health is a vital key to fully enjoying yourself at LIB! Too often we let the weekend get away from us while we’re whooping it up on the dance floor. When that happens, or better yet before that happens drop into the doctors office. Licensed Naturopathic doctor Krystle Etri will be administering IV’s and Vitamin B shots to keep your body ready for any adventure! Visit the Frontierville doctor’s office inside the hotel, only at The Grand Artique! Hours may vary, drop-ins welcome, no appointment necessary.


Photo by Eleonora Barna Photography 

Barter Your Life Away at The General Store Trading Post

We hunt for it, trade for it, find it, buy it, haul it, wash it, store it, repair it, polish it, patch it, label it, sand it, stain it, tag it, display it, brag about it, love it, how in the festival could we take anything less for it?  If you have yet to Make A Trade with The Boss at the General Store at LIB you have yet to experience LIB.  Years in the making and memories to be shared in years to come, do not pass up this opportunity. Dig through your treasures, your keepsakes, your heirlooms, your stories and bring them with you to The Grand Artique. Visit The General Store, find something you love and make a trade. Say good-bye to something you cherish to make room for a new treasure.  We’re odd freaks of curiosity, standing on the threshold of discovery, won’t you join us?


Photo Courtesy of the Grand Artique

Enjoy some Jazz at the Late Night Speakeasy

The sun has long set over the glistening water, all main stages are silent, the bewitching hour is at hand, the last thing you desire is the confines of your tent and the buzzing sounds of your neighbors terrible sound system. Where do you journey to for something different, laid back, a delight to your ears, a break for your over stimulated senses? The Grand Artique Late Night Jazz stage, that’s where. Join us for some toe tapping, finger snapping, smile-inducing cool ass live music. Our small Jazz stage is tucked in a cozy corner of Frontierville just behind the hotel, under the oak trees.  A soft glow from a chandelier and the late night sounds of something a little different will capture you and hold you throughout the chilly night. Be in the know, be in the mix, be at The Grand Artique Late Night Speakeasy.


Photo Courtesy of the Grand Artique

Explore Frontierville’s Gypsy Encampment

Upon your visits to Frontierville you may notice some unusual traveler’s on the outskirt of town. Welcome to the Gypsy Encampment, a safe haven for wondering nomads and traders to hunker down during their migrations. Stop in and take a nap in the comforts of their tent, let the cool breeze lull you or perhaps pass the time with a few hands of gin rummy. Stop by the leather trader and observe his skills with pelts, learn how to make a belt, perhaps make a trade for some of his wares. If your timing is right, you can even leave behind your dirty garments to be scrubbed on the washboard and hung on the line to be dried by the spring sun. 

Featured Image by Watchara