The Grand Artique

The Grand Artique returns to Lightning in a Bottle for the 7th year in a row! Bringing back to life their town of Frontierville, a fully immersive Trading Post/ General Store, hotel, gypsy encampment and a heavy hitting music line up that will have you ripping up the dance floor deep into the night. The Grand Artique is one interactive area and stage of LIB you don’t want to miss out on! Don’t forget to dig through your treasures and bring something to trade! See you at The Grand Artique!


Bigger Than Ever Lineup!

This year the Grand Artique is stepping up their music game, featuring five 2016 main stage acts that will be gracing the stage at Fronterville! Names include Whilk & Misky, Pimps of Joytime, Dirtwire, Nombe, & Vokab Kompany!

Brand New Live Music Stage

The Frontierville! DPW is working hard on the unveiling of our completely remodeled Live Music Stage! After we “accidentally” set fire to the old beauty during a sunrise set by Odesza cover band Mo’ Desza we decided it was time to get with the times and build something new and exciting. We call it The Mission Stage, modeled after the old Mission style railroad stations all over the Southwest. Come witness the unveiling ceremony at LIB on Wednesday night in Frontierville!

Talent Show

Calling all talent for The Great American Talent Show! This is not your mama’s talent show, or maybe it is, we’re not assuming what kind of mama you have, but if we did we’d say, give her a reason to be proud of you and sign up for this one time only Talent Show Extravaganza. Find the signup sheet in the Grand Artique General Store or look for Jim, the handsome and authoritative talent trapper. Amateurs Only! Sunday at 9 PM only in Frontierville!

Sunday Revival

Dust off your Sunday best and join us for an afternoon of sweet sweet revelry! Starting at 11am with special performances by Smoota, Carlo, Jeremy Sole and more throughout the day.

Learn more about all that The Grand Artique has to offer at LIB in 2016 here.