General FAQ

General FAQ

lumiDo I have to buy a camping pass?

No.  Full weekend and two day passes include tent camping.  If you'd like to camp with your car, you'll need to purchase an additional car camping pass in addition to your festival pass.

Will you be releasing more car passes?

Our second round of car camping passes are currently on sale and when they run out we won’t be releasing more.

Can I be the legal guardian of someone if they are under 18?

A legal guardian is recognized by the state of CA and paperwork must be provided to show us your guardianship.

Will there be alcohol sold at LIB?

There will be beer and wine sold at LIB.  Cash only however there will be ATM’s within the festival.

Can I spin fire or play with other fire tools? 

There cannot be fire play or tools at the festival.  We’re in fire season, so fire spinning and tools are not allowed by the park under any circumstances.

Can I bring a pet?

No pets are allowed within the festival.  If you have a service animal you will need to provide the necessary paperwork.  If you’re the person who brought the goat last year we would still like to discuss this with you!

Will there be somewhere to leave items that I don’t want to leave in my tent/car?

We are hoping to have the lockers back this year and will keep you posted.
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