Getting Here


Lightning in a Bottle is located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco at the beautiful Lake San Antonio Recreation Area. The address for the entrance road is below.

San Antonio Recreation Area – North Shore – 2091 New Pleyto Road Bradley, CA 93426

All online orders placed on or before May 5th, 2016†will qualify for wristband shipment prior to the festival. For online ticket orders placed after May 5th, 2016, attendees, artists, guests, volunteers and participants MUST go to the will call box office located on-site to get their festival wristband and credentials. NO EXCEPTIONS! NO ONE WITHOUT A WRISTBAND WILL BE ALLOWED INTO THE FESTIVAL.

*Please do not go to or contact the San Antonio Recreation Area for tickets or event information. All festival and ticket questions should be directed to the Do LaB.


Wednesday 12pm – 11pm

Thursday: 10am – 11pm

Friday: 9am – 11pm

Saturday: 10am – 10pm

Sunday: 10am – 8pm



If you did not have your RFID wristbands mailed to you youíll need to pull into the on site Box Office upon arrival and pick up your wristbands at WILL CALL. (Follow street signs upon arrival to get to the box office) If one person in your vehicle doesnít have a wristband on, the entire vehicle will need to go to the box office. If EVERYONE in your vehicle has their RFID wristbands on you will pull straight into the main festival gate where our staff will scan your wristbands. Piece of cake, you are in!

Once your wristbands are scanned you will drive into the festival grounds and be directed towards the parking lots:

If you have a Car Camping or RV Pass you will be directing by signs to go to your campgrounds.

If you are going to general parking you will be directed by our staff. †Here you can choose whether you want to park and walk to camp or park and take a shuttle to camp. More instructions on the shuttle system will be announced at a later date.

*Pro Tip Ė Pack your camping gear tight with no loose items. The shuttle system can get crazy at times so to ensure you donít lose any items make sure they are all packed up tight and together.

*Pro Tip Ė Label your items to ensure that you donít lose them. Even that extra pillow you grabbed at the last minute.

*Pro Tip Ė Bring some wheels to help you trek your stuff on long distances.


If you purchased a Car Camping pass this will be mailed to you when your festival wristband is sent to you. Simply follow the instructions and youíre good to go! If you purchased a Car Camping pass and it does not arrive in the mail or if you have a pass at Will Call you will need to pick it up at the box office upon arrival.

*Pro Tip! If your group of friends has a Car Camping pass use it to fit as much gear and people as you can so you can all easily get to your campsite together.

*Pro Tip! Bring a wagon, dolly or some sort of sturdy wheels to help you transport your gear from the shuttle stops to your campsite.


Single occupant vehicles are charged $30 to park in the parking lot. Vehicles with one or more passengers (not including the driver) are granted free parking. Please carpool! Youíll be able to avoid the $30 parking fee, and youíll help us lower the eventís carbon impact. Itís important that as few cars as possible bring all your wonderful bodies to the festival.