5. Arriving at LIB

5. Arriving at LIB

Once You Arrive

• Car & RV Campers: Have your RFD Vehicle Pass sticker on the inside top corner of the driver side windshield upon arrival.  It will be scanned and verified before you are able to proceed to the campgrounds. If EVERYONE in your vehicle has their RFID wristbands on you will pull straight into the main festival gate where our staff will scan your wristbands. Piece of cake, you are in!

• Will Call: If you did not have your RFID wristbands mailed to you you’ll need to pull into the on site Box Office upon arrival and pick up your wristbands at WILL CALL. (Follow street signs upon arrival to get to the box office) If one person in your vehicle doesn’t have a wristband on, the entire vehicle will need to go to the box office.

Once your wristbands are scanned you will drive into the festival grounds and be directed towards the parking lots. If you have a Car Camping or RV Pass you will be directing by signs to go to your campgrounds.

If you are going to general parking you will be directed by our staff. Here you can choose whether you want to park and walk to camp or park and take a shuttle to camp. More instructions on the shuttle system will be announced at a later date.

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Important: Will Call

Wristbands and Vehicle Pass Hangtags can both be picked up at will call, however... If you already have your shipped wristbands and printed Vehicle Pass Voucher prior to arriving, you do not need to stop at will call.

Lost or Forgotten Vouchers

All wristbands and printed vehicle pass vouchers will be scanned and verified by our LIB staff from the comfort of your own cars.  At that point, scanned and verified vehicle pass vouchers will then be exchanged for an official vehicle pass hangtag.

Car Camping Information

If you purchased a Car Camping pass this will be mailed to you when your festival wristband is sent to you. Simply follow the instructions and you’re good to go!

If you purchased a Car Camping pass and it does not arrive in the mail or if you have a pass at Will Call you will need to pick it up at the box office upon arrival.


Don’t let your procrastinators slow you down!  Encourage your friends to purchase their festival passes before the wristband mailing deadline on May 13th and avoid any chance of  of being stuck in a vehicle with someone who needs to stop at will call!

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