8. Setting Up Camp

8. Setting Up Camp

  • Free Form Camping - The tent and car camping areas at LIB are free form, meaning we don’t block out camping spots, we just fill people in where they fit.

  • Bring Only What You Need - We are counting on each of you to help us save space and only use as much as you need. That means

  • Keep It Compact - Make friends with your neighbors, and help eliminate wasted space between sites. Share the land by aiming to keep your site within the recommended parameters for every 2 people in your camp.

  • Don’t Camp On The Roads - There will be roads and fire lanes in the campgrounds, do not build your camp in any of them or you will be asked to move.

  • No Land Grabbing - If you want to camp with your friends please be sure to arrive with them, you will not be allowed to save large plots of land for people that are arriving later than you.

  • No In & Outs For Car Campers - There is no coming and going throughout the weekend – once you are parked, you’re parked (both your car and your tent). Please plan accordingly.

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