Getting Here Guide

Arrival Instructions

Getting to the Campgrounds

Tent Campers – anyone camping without a vehicle pass.

Park & Walk to Campgrounds

  • Follow signs to the Park & Walk lot.
  • Park your car and walk your camping gear to your desired campground.
  • The closest campgrounds include The Sticks, Oasis & Bass Camp.

Arrival Pro Tips:

  • Pack camping gear tight with no loose ends. Put pillows, blankets, etc. in bags so they’re all grouped together.
  • Label all of your items in case they get misplaced.
  • Bring some wheels to help you move things around.

 i.e: a dolly, a small wagon, etc.


Vehicle and RV Campers

Car Camping Pass Holders

  • Car Camping is filled on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Once a campground reaches capacity, it will be closed and no additional cars will be permitted to drive in. No exceptions.
  • Car camping campgrounds include Camp High Ground, Oasis, Bass, The Sticks, Edgewater, Band Camp, and The Burbs
  • Car campers will be directed to their spot by our placement team.

RV Camping Pass Holders


  • Continue on New Pleyto Rd. to a designated gate where our RV placement team will direct you to a spot.
  • RV Pass  – Gate 11 & 12


    • RV Pass with Hookups – Gate 13


Early Arrival Pass Holders

  • All early arrivals will be directed to Camp High Ground.  
  • Non car campers will park in the Camp High Ground Park & Walk Lot and walk their gear in.
  • No shuttles will run to Camp High Ground.
by: Allegra Sotudeh