Giggle Juice Cafe at the Lost Hotel

A unique oasis for the body and mind. Giggle Juice @ The Lost Hotel is a nomadic hotel theatre offering a full-service restaurant, juice bar, & cube tents like no other.  Our hospitality, services, and amenities are more than they seem.  We are “participatory hotel theatre” and we’re inviting you to co-create the theatre with us. The Giggle Juice restaurant & juice bar are the front doors to this experience. We offer you the chance to explore culinary landscapes that rejuvenate the body with a full menu that includes: Sexy Eggs, exotic fresh juice combinations, and more…

For the more adventurous, we offer Lighting In a Plate: A dining experience, where we lead our guest on an unforgettable journey through a curated, bohemian five-course meal performed on our rooftop dining table that offers unobstructed views of the festival and sunsets. Want to continue the journey into the inner parts of the Lost Hotel?  But of course, right this way!  Be warned, you might get lost.  Each cube tent is literally a blank canvas for our hotel inhabitants and guests to immerse you into the world they create!

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