Harm Reduction

LIB is a drug free event. That’s the law of the land. But we know that despite this, people will choose to use drugs, just as they do in larger society. Harm Reduction is a set of practical strategies where the goal is reducing the negative consequences of drug use. We want to keep people alive, happy and out of the Medical tent, so we work with several partner organizations to make sure our attendees stay safe and informed.

DanceSafe – Got a question about drugs, or just need a pair of free earplugs? Stop by the DanceSafe booth – since 1998, this organization has been promoting health and safety within the nightlife and festival community. We’ve had DanceSafe onsite since 2013.

MAPS’ Zendo Project – If you’re having a difficult experience, whether drug-related or not, you can visit the Zendo Project. Trained therapists and volunteers will help provide a safe space until you are ready to rejoin the festival. We’ve had Zendo onsite since 2014.

PLUR Angels -  When you’ve got a medical concern consider having a talk with a PLUR Angel. This program supports medical service providers at music events to ensure the safety of event attendees by promoting active and engaging peer-to-peer harm reduction and education.

Drug Policy Alliance’s Music Fan Program – We’re happy to be recognized by this organization as the leader among US festivals in taking a Harm Reduction approach to drug use. Check out this program if you want to help encourage other festivals to do the same or support campaigns to change drug policy.