Here’s What Our Attendees Are Saying About LIB

“For my LIB crew and I, Lightning In A Bottle is a journey of a different kind. Whether in the golden light of the day or the neon glow of the night, each year, LIB re-inspires us to create, to dance and to love. But most importantly, it teaches us something we often forget…how to play again.” —Kid At Heart

“This was my first festival and I felt extremely welcome by both other patrons as well as festival and event staff. The culture and overall attitude of everybody there is something incredibly special and I don’t think very many other events or festivals share this. The music was great and the set up of the stages, booths and activities was very well done. I can’t wait until next year where I can return to my new home with my new family!” —Festival Newbie

“Both times that I’ve been to LIB, I’ve reconnected with myself as well as my partner. With all the stress that comes in life, the community at LIB revitalizes the desire to be kind and good, to benefit not only yourself but as many lives as you’re able. It sparks new friendships, and strengthens the bond between old friends. This year I took high advantage of all the gourmet superfoods as well as the yoga and meditation. Coming home, I felt whole in my body, soul, mind and heart. Thank you for this experience, I look forward to next year!” —Reconnected Soul

photo by Alyssa Keys

“For once I felt like nothing in the world mattered but whats right in front of me. It truly helped me find out who I am and what I am supposed to do on this planet. LIB changed my life.” —Living In The Present

“LIB was truly a magical experience. I’ve been to quite a few festivals throughout my life and I cant even put into words how amazing this event was. Great music, awesome artwork, positive vibes, and an endless amount of fun. This year was my first year at Lightning in a Bottle and I look forward to the many more years to come. Thank you again for everything.” —Thankful Being

“It was my first time at lib and I had no idea how big it was so I got lost. I kept hanging out with random groups asking if they had seen my group but no luck, there was very poor phone service, I didn’t know my way back to camp site so yea I was pretty lost but everyone was really friendly. 5 hours later I found my group and partied the rest of the night. The next day walking around the festival the people I hung out with remembered me and we ran to each other and hugged it was such a good vibe!! We became friends exchanged numbers and we’ll see each other next year. No such a thing as being lost when we were all one big family :)” —Family Man

“As the sun rose above our community I felt the welcoming dirt keeping us safe, the crisp breeze providing us pure oxygen, the lake refreshing our souls, and the warmth from new family contributing positive energy. Days consisted of endless meditation and guest speakers that expanded my mind to new horizons. Nights consisted of dancing under the electric sky listening to the epic music that brought us all together. The days flew by fast but the connection I made was everlasting. I was home.” —Community Advocate

photo by Marko Prelic
Featured image by Marko Prelic