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2014 LIB Photos

Check out our featured photo galleries by Watchara Phomicinda & Daniel Zetterstrom below, and see more of our facebook photo galleries here.

The 2014 Festival Map

Lightning Bus Info

Find all the information about the Lightning Bus to LIB from Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego below.

Important Bus Information

Please be at the bus stop in your city as well as the bus stop at Lightning in a Bottle 30 minutes prior to departure. The buses will leave promptly at their respective departure times, and you don't want to miss it!

The bus manager will have a list of names of all of the Lightning Bus Purchasers. Please have your ID ready to be checked onto the bus.

Pickup Locations and Instructions

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Location will be at the QuickPark LAX located near the Crown Plaza Hotel. The Lightning Bus will be parked on W. 98th St. and Avion Dr.

QuickPark LAX

5959 West Century Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90045

For those of you flying in to LAX please take the parking shuttle for QuickPark LAX. This shuttle departs from the airport every 15 minutes, approximately.

Ride the shuttle to the Crown Plaza Hotel destination and look for the bus on the corner of W. 98th St - you do not need to go in to the hotel.

For those of you driving you have an option of parking in any of the lots in that area for a fee.

The Thursday May 22nd departure from Los Angeles is 12:00pm - SHARP

The Friday May 23rd departure from Los Angeles is 10:00am - SHARP

Both Los Angeles Buses depart LIB at 11:00am on Monday May 26th.

San Francisco

The San Francisco location will be:

Millwood Inn & Suites

 1375 El Camino Real

Millbrae, CA 94030

For those of you flying in to SFO please take the parking shuttle for Millwood Inn & Suites. This shuttle circles the airport approximately every 35 minutes from 4:00am till 12:50am and can be identified by the hotel logo and the name "Classic Shuttle".

This hotel location does not have parking available to us. Please arrange to have a ride or safe parking for your vehicle.

The Thursday May 22nd departure from San Francisco is 12:00pm - SHARP

The Friday May 23rd departure from San Francisco is 10:00am - SHARP

Both San Francisco Buses depart LIB at 11:00am on Monday May 26th.

San Diego

The San Diego location will be:


1650 Garnet Avenue

San Diego, CA 92109

This location does not have parking available to us. Please arrange to have a ride or safe parking for your vehicle. You may check the surrounding neighborhoods. Be aware of street cleaning signs!

The Thursday May 22nd departure from San Diego is 11:00am - SHARP

The San Diego Bus will depart LIB at 11:00am on Monday May 26th.


Luggage Guidelines

Please don’t bring more than you can carry! This year’s site is very large, and although the bus will drop you off at the Lightning Bus Campground, you will still have to do some walking. We ask you bring nor more than two small items, like bags and backpacks, on the bus and put larger items like tents and coolers in the undercarriage.


Managing Your Camping Waste at LIB

So far you have done an amazing job being an eco friendly camper by riding the super green Lightning Bus! Kudos to you!

Here’s some important info to help you keep your stuff compact, manage your waste, and be environmentally friendly while doing it:

  • De-package all your food and products before you come – saves space, reduces waste!

  • Bring 3 different bags to sort your Recycling, Landfill, and Compost waste in your camp. A bucket with a lid for compost would be best. This is important because:Remember to bring your own water container, utensils, plates, etc.

    • As a bus rider you have special privileges to leave your waste at LIB rather than taking it home on the bus. We will have a list of all lightning bus purchasers. **With your ID in hand** you will be allowed entrance to the dumpster area to dump your waste. It MUST be sorted properly in order to go in the dumpsters!! Sorting guidelines are below, and will be readily available for you at the event in your festival booklet.

  • Free filtered water will be available, no need to pack plastic bottled water as long as you have a container. You can also be super eco and use your own reusable plates and cups in the food vending area as well as your camp.


Sorting Guidelines:


  • Food waste – meat is okay

  • Soiled paper or cardboard, e.g. napkins, paper plates

  • Vendor provided cutlery (cups, plates, all utensils – including coffee and beer cups)

  • Untreated wood such as wood utensils, chopsticks, and coconut shells

  • Waxed paper: milk cartons, tea bags that do not have plastic/foil


  • Glass

  • Cans (aluminum & tin)

  • Paper or cardboard that is not soiled

  • Plastics that are unsoiled, bags are okay; cups & utensils

  • Clean styrofoam


  • Plastic-lined or foil-lined paper: some juice/nut milk cartons, w/ plastic lids

  • Gross or unclean-able plastic: e.g. drippy bags or half-filled peanut butter jars

  • Foil wrappers: chip bags, power bars, etc.

  • NOT ACCEPTED: Do not put in bins/dumpsters

  • Hazardous materials: batteries, fluorescent bulbs, paint, non-eco cleaners, oil, propane, broken glass

  • Bulky items, electronics, furniture

HAVE A GREAT RIDE, and we’ll see you there!!

Download the 2014 LIB Guide!


Lineup Showcase

Check out details on all the music, artists, workshops, and scheduled activities on the amazing LIB lineup showcase!

inthemix Interview: Why Moby Chose LIB

Leading dance music outlet, inthemix sat down for an interview with Moby to find out why he chose to be a part of Lightning in a Bottle and what he thinks about festival's in general. Moby had lots of interesting things to say on the topic, told a great story about how he came to discover LIB, and shared some info on his planned talk in the Temple, music therapy.
At a festival like Lightning In A Bottle, community can happen through art, food, meditation, yoga – so many different ways to encounter other like-minded people. During the ’80s and ’90s, festivals were almost exclusively about music, but with the rise of Burning Man and Bonnaroo and Wanderlust, people are realizing a festival can involve music, but also be so much more.

Read the full interview here!

Free Temple Music

Yogi Tunes Temple Music PlaylistFrom the heart and soul of LIB comes the first ever FREE Lucent Temple of Consciousness Playlist! Get it here:

Created from this season's eclectic array of musical acts, the playlist is aligned to inspire and raise your vibration from beginning to end, and it's completely FREE to download through June 9th! Thank you Yogi Tunes for collaborating with us in this powerful way.

Yoga & Temple Music Lineups

2014 Lightning in a Bottle Yoga Lineup2013

LIB Spotlight


At Lightning in a Bottle, you have a unique opportunity to stumble upon many areas outside of the musical stages that are full of lively, participatory fun and shenanigans.  The interactive environments at LIB truly allow you to lose yourself in an entire universe of play. From immersive environments to roving interactive stations and pop-up art car environments, be sure to take some time to stop in and drop into an entirely different world that will make your LIB experience unforgettable.

A few of the interactive areas you can look forward to this year are the Jive Joint, Giggle Juice's "The Courtyard", Om Shan Tea - Tea Temple, Silent Frisco, and returning for their 5th year, The Grand Artique.  Be sure to check out The Grand Artique's 2014 LIB lineup below, and read more about what makes this engaging experience one of a kind.



For the 5th year in a row the Grand Artique will be back at Lightning in a Bottle, and this year they are aiming to go bigger than ever.  Bringing back to life their town Frontierville, a fully immersive Trading Post/ General Store and a heavy hitting line up to rip up their own Live Music Stage.

The Grand Artique is one interactive area of LIB you don't want to miss out on! Don't forget to dig through your closet and bring something to trade!  See you at the Grand Artique!


Aspiring Producers

For all you hustling producers, making beats in your bedroom and playing house parties for your friends—this one’s for you. is bringing back The Untz Challenge, but this time the stakes are higher than ever and are guaranteed to change your electronic music career forever.

The contest prize package includes the opportunity to perform at the biggest and best summer music festivals taking place across the United States including LIB--and this year, they've picked the best of the best. The winner of The Untz Challenge V will be playing at SEVEN major music festivals across four months spanning the length of the country from coast to coast.

LIB Producer contest

Starting March 17th and continuing until March 28th, The Untz will accept submissions for the competition via SoundCloud. During the month of April, fans will vote on their favorite tracks via

A total of 2 slots will be given away to the winners of this contest. The grand prize, which includes a performance slot at each of the participating festivals, will be won through the fan voting process. The second place winner is chosen by the staff of, and will have the opportunity to perform at the same dates along the run (*except for LiB*).  For more information on the submission proceess, rules, and regulations please visit's contest page here.

Important Dates for The Untz Challenge IV

March 17 – Track submission begins
March 28 – Track submission ends 11:59pm PST
April 6 – Voting begins
April 27 – Voting ends 11:59pm PST
April 28 – First place winner announced


Perform at LIB!

Keep LIB weird!

One of the many things that sets Lightning in a Bottle apart from any ordinary music festival is its emphasis and focus on live performance art. Acts like Lucent Dosier have continued to wow our LIB’ers over the years and add that special element of “weird” that we know and love.

This year, we are looking to expand our performance art presence at the festival and we are seeking talented individuals and specialty arts in the following categories: Fire performers, dancers, circus acts/artists, stilters, acrobats, and any other talents that will fit the “bizarre” LIB mold.

If you’re interested in applying, please submit a photo, bio, and video to



Lightning in a Bottle is a community driven event. Share your skills, your wares, your insights or your art at LIB and earn discount or free entry to the event!

Please submit your application at the link below. Coordinators will be selecting and communicating with applicants beginning in March and continuing through May. Thanks for participating!

Lightning Team Application Click Here

The 2014 volunteer application includes a $5 application fee. Volunteers are granted a full weekend pass in exchange for working four 6-hour shifts during the festival.

Vendor Application Food Vendor Merch Vendor

There are separate merch and food vendor applications. Please select the appropriate application.

Lightning in a Paintcan Click Here

Application to participate in the Lightning in a Paintcan live painting charity event held on-site at LIB. There is a $5 application fee to participate.

Presenter Application -application period ended-

Please apply if you would like to offer a Musical Act, Workshop, Movement Class, or any other educational offering for LIB!

Art Installation & Interactive Environments Application Click Here

Do you have a large-scale artistic project you'd like to bring to LIB? Please apply here!


2014 LIB Virtual Tour

Take a trip down LIB memory lane in 360 degrees! Special thanks to photographer Andrew Jorgensen and his project for this unique and immersive look at Lightning in a Bottle.


LIB Pre-Parties

10174855_861601087189677_2041809995530179226_n1970651_858466667503119_1355092064_n10003734_859112594105193_201963885_o1509861_859695664046886_8816224078958951868_n10246370_861626337187152_2919793435814021954_n1962222_723852604332876_2809927988834132976_o1231609_847349781948141_281572081_n (1)santabarbara-yoga-preparty-lib-flyer2PURITYRINGDJ_BRANX_LIBDRAFT

Schedule Posted

The full event schedule is now up! Check it out here:

2014 Lineup Announced

Over the last 9 years, Lightning in a Bottle has aimed to deliver some of the most innovative, cutting-edge musical lineups, crafted to attract true electronic music pioneers and enthusiasts for a festival experience unlike any other... and 2014 is no different!

With quite possibly our most eclectic lineup to date (leaked yesterday by This Song Is Sick), there isn't a beat freak, house head, or bass lover who won't be WOW'ed by the electronic magic we've got in store for all y'all LIB'ers this year. 


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