LIB’s Festie Fam Incredible Adventure Guide

You’re weird, just like us, and that’s why we love you. More to the point, each festival family at Lightning in a Bottle is, in one way or another, unique. Some choose to spend their days busting a move on the dancefloors throughout LIB, others like to indulge in deep conversations. One thing is true, though, all squads like to make wonderful memories with those that mean the most to them. And, there is something for all to enjoy- no matter age or interests at LIB. The yoga is first class, the food is unlike any other place in the world and the immersive environments found around the festival will come with endless memories that will last a lifetime.

Want a few ideas for an especially weird time as a group?

Read on.

We proudly present the especially weird fam crawl guide for a 24-hour adventure together at LIB.

Late Night Karaoke 

Have you dreamed about the day you get to live out your Spice Girl dreams alongside your BFF’s? Does belting out R-E-S-P-E-C-T with your squad ignite your inner fire? Head on over to late night karaoke with KJ Paul under the LIBridge to live out your dreams and get that 5-minutes of fame you deserve! Who knows, maybe you’ll hit a note that will inspire a few friends to join in!


Do Over! Salon  

Festival season is prime time for letting your bold and colorful selves shine! Head on over to the Do Over! salon to switch up your hairstyle for your one-of-a-kind LIB look. The lively Fou Fou Ha ensemble will be around from Friday to Sunday to provide you with great styling tips and even better laughs! Whether you’re looking forward to a funky styling or just playing some games, visiting the Do Over is a must for your festival crew.


Photo by Guru

5K Must-Dash Run

For the festy fams into fitness, this one is for you! Whether you are a fan of the fu manchu or enjoy a nicely groomed handlebar, the best mustaches from around the festival will gather at the Lightning Stage at 10AM on Friday to take part in the inaugural Must- Dash 5k! Put on your funkiest costumes and get ready to go on a scenic 3.1 mile run (or walk) through the LIB grounds. Update: Registration for the 5k Must-Dash Run has closed. Come cheer on your fellow mustaches!


Soap Box Derby Cheering

While registration for the derby is not open to the public- cheering on your favorite boxcar is widely encouraged! For the 2nd annual LIB Soap Box Derby, expect to watch over 20 enthusiastic teams compete.The parade will commence at 1:30pm in between the Woogie and Compass peninsulas, and the race will follow at 2pm. Pick the wackiest wheels you see and rally your chosen team until they cross the finish line!


Boogie Down at 80’s Prom 

Get to live out your pretty in pink moments- festival style. The annual 80’s prom is back again at The Favela featuring all the best jams from veteran LIB DJ Patricio. Now that we are all adults we can enjoy a drink at prom, too, so grab your favorite LIB libation and get footloose! Make sure to tease that hair and hit up your local vintage shop with your festy crew to craft the perfect ensemble.


Photo by Juliana Bernstein // Get Tiny

Big Art Tour

Installations that we have all been waiting to explore have finally made their way to Bradley. The big art at LIB this year proves to be more immersive than ever before! Many of the structures are interactive and playful, so carve out ample time to check out all of these special pieces with your best friends. Finding the big art scattered across the festival proves to be more fun than any scavenger hunt you’ve ever been a part of!


Barter at The Trading Post  

Unique items and lovely conversation await you at the Trading Post in the Grand Artique. Take some time to dig through your keepsakes and treasures at home beforehand for something good to barter with The Boss. A unique story or two may be sufficient, too! A visit to the General Store Trading Post is a key part of the LIB experience, so come prepared and maybe you will return home with a memento or a prize.


Chill Out at the Jazz Speakeasy

For those nights that your fest fam isn’t looking to retire early, The Grand Artique provides a few of the classiest late night grooves. The Late Night Jazz Stage is abuzz with laid-back tunes that will keep your toes tapping and bodies warm during the cold nights. Experiencing this cozy speakeasy atmosphere with your best friends is a great way to end the long days: the music is chill enough to help you wind down and cool enough to keep you coming back.


Photo by Juliana Bernstein // Get Tiny

Explore the Marketplace 

The LIB Marketplace is one of the more impressive you’ll find at a festival. Vendors from around the country bring out their goods, and unless you have serious self-restraint, it is guaranteed that you’ll find something that speaks to your soul. If you are on a budget, window shopping at a festival is also tons of fun! If you and your festival squad are looking to make things official, maybe this is the year to invest in matching Third Eye Pinecones?


Lounge in the Lake

In case you’ve somehow forgotten, there will be a lake at LIB this year! Stock up on floaties and spend an afternoon going with the flow by constructing your own little party barge. Kicking up your feet and floating around is the ideal way to recoup from the night before. The sunshine will get warm very early, so jumping in and cooling off will likely be on everyone’s agenda. This is a great way to meet people who can potentially become the newest members of your festival family.


Featured Image by Juliana Bernstein // Get Tiny 

by: Mia Nissen