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Presenting the Jive Joint, Nature’s NEST and the All New White Library

The Jive Joint

The Jive Joint is a destination, discovery, and journey all wrapped up into one. This interactive art installation features a colorful, New Orleans style house. Groove out to the jazzy, funky, soulful tunes produced by Super Tall Paul’s legendary on the spot musical looping. Comedic and bizarre Jive Joint characters provide genius improvisational entertainment creating hilarious memories to last a lifetime. Magic, unicycle, juggling, nose whistle, silly contests, freestyle rapping, finding love, special guests, and even you may be a featured moment on the Jive Joint stage.

Come at midnight and sign up to share your music, dance, comedy, or theatrical skills at the Jive Joint talent show. The Jive Joint cast will provide comedic hosting and judging as you express your inner rock star. Swing by the Jive Joint in the afternoon to check out comedy and improv workshops guided by the talented Jive Joint cast. These interactive and fun workshops will inspire dramatic self-discovery utilizing the power of funny.

The Jive Joint welcomes you!

The Organic Sculptures of Nature Dreamweaver

For anyone adventurous enough to hike up to the Meditation Lookout, a riddle of a sculpture known as the New Earth Star Temple (NEST) can be found blending organic materials and human ideas in a seamless interweaving of spirits and ideas. This space is designed as a sanctuary for peace, mindfulness, contemplation, healing, and grounding amidst the wild excitement of the festival. Some who go there find rest, others find a scenic view of the landscape and a few even find new friendships that form around shared wonder. 

For Nature Dreamweaver, the artist who creates the NEST, tribal elements represent cultures and mysticism that once held greater importance in our society. As a reminder of the pervasive power found in nature, Nature Dreamweaver and his dedicated team of NESTARS have for eight years given LIB-goers the gift of meditative space with mandalas, sculpted formations and earthy fragrances. Participants at LIB can ascend to find themselves in an instructional meditation, an interactive theater experience or in an enthralling conversation with one of the cultural leaders or educators at the festival.


According to Nature, “The intentions of the space are to create a magical mystical medicinal reality that helps people connect to the earth, the universe, and each other. Whether you’re watching the sunset or the sunrise, the team of NESTARS hopes your realize what a wonderful and beautiful world this one can be.”

Don’t miss it!

Debuting: The White Library

Imagine a world where every surface is a canvas for your imagination and your dreams to find a home. A home where the walls are filled with the thoughts and ideas of great thinkers, poets and lovers. Allow yourself to see further into an environment that started as a single thought and over the span of a few days has blossomed into the colorful concepts of thousands. If your mind can allow it you will find a piece of yourself in:

The White Library

An interactive living art installation designed by Jade Mangiafico and his team of Arterians!

More info on this all-new attraction coming soon!


Featured Image by JORG Photo

by: Graham Berry