Lake Update: We Can Swim at LIB!

We are happy and excited to report that there will most definitely be a lake at LIB this year! After this winter’s glorious rains, the lake is currently at about 50% capacity and it’s height will NOT significantly diminish between now and Memorial Day Weekend. At this level, the lake has started to creep up between the peninsulas and is deep enough to swim in all along the festival coastline, but not deep enough to significantly impact the placement of things. This is very exciting since not only will the stages be along the water, but the campgrounds as well! Taking a refreshing dip to start your day will now be a regular LIB activity for the first time in the festival’s history. Hooray!!

LIB Lake Do’s

Swim with a buddy! In addition to swimming, you will be able to bring floaties and inflatable rafts to enjoy the beautiful water of Lake San Antonio. Relax and float around! Even T-Rexes can go out for a tranquil paddle adventure!


LIB Lake Don’ts

No boats, canoes, jet skis or motorized water craft of any kind are permitted during the festival, so please leave anything like that at home. Don’t swim without a buddy! There will not be designated lifeguards, so all swimming and lake activities will be at your own risk. Always swim with a buddy and be safe out there.

LIB Festival Grounds Renewed and Beautiful

Beyond the cool and refreshing pleasure that jumping in the lake offers, the incredibly beautiful change it brings to the venue is truly a sight to behold. No matter where you are on the festival grounds, the clear blue expanse of the water delights the eyes and turns every stroll around the grounds into a delightful nature walk. This really is a game changer.


There will be additional announcements about fun, ridiculous, and exciting lake activities in the coming weeks. We are so excited with the possibilities its making our heads swim!

We can’t wait to jump in the water with you at LIB!!


Now that LIB is officially on a lake, tickets are going faster than ever before –
better get your tickets now before they’re all gone!


LIB lake from above 01
LIB lake from above 02
LIB lake from above 03
LIB lake from above 04
LIB lake from above 05
LIB lake from above 06


Sunset at Lake LIB w/ T-Rex

Posted by Lightning in a Bottle on Thursday, February 23, 2017

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