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LIB Pre-Parties!

Get ready California! Just two months away and Lightning in a Bottle pre-parties are taking over the state. From San Fran to LA, and all over – LIB love is everywhere. Don’t miss these amped events to get you in the summer spirit! With nine pre-parties to choose from, missing out on the pregame festivities is not an option. Looking for an event or something to do near you? Here’s a bevy of sonic experiences to peruse. Be sure to find one near you for a sample of what to expect for the full main course in May!



A-Bun-Dance at Globe Theatre with Emancipator

May 12th at 9pm

Los Angeles, your wait is finally over. Marques Wyatt to drop more dynamic sounds alongside Emancipator, Doorly, Desert Dwellers, Eagles & Butterflies, an-ten-nae, Patricio, M!NT, NaughtyPrincess, and divaDanielle. Do LaB, ABunDance, and Grateful Generation are coming to spoil you with the official Los Angeles Lightning in a Bottle Pre-Party.


Quartyard w/ ORGÅŒNE, Henry Pope and Little Foot

May 13th – Daytime Event

Feel special San Diego, because your pre-party has two parts. Do LaB and The Grand Artique welcome you to a very special two-part Lightning in a Bottle Pre-Party event in San Diego. Part One, Daytime at Quartyard with ORGÅŒNE, Henry Pope & Little Foot, W.C. Thornbush & The Great American Show and more!


SPIN San Diego with Dimond Saints and Minnesota 

May 13th – Night Time Event

Because we know one party just ain’t enough for the good people of San Diego, Do LaB and The Grand Artique welcome you to a very special two-part Lightning in a Bottle Pre-Party event in San Diego. Part two gets fancy with Night Time at SPIN San Diego, so if house music is your poison, this is for you. Sounds and beats brought to you by Dimond Saints, Minnesota, Doorly, M!NT,


EOS Lounge with Lauren Lane

May 13th at 9pm

Do LaB, Music Is Love and EOS Lounge team up to bring a special blend of pre-party goodness. Santa Barbara, get ready for the stylish sounds coming from this dynamic blend of fan-favorites. Lauren Lane, Rybo, Kevin Anderson, and EVeryman combine their flavors to defy your pre-party expectations. Get your tickets here!



HopMonk Tavern with iLL.GATES and SugarBeats

April 29th at 9:00pm

We are coming for you, NorCal! Get in the LIB mood and dance your socks off to some stellar house beats- don’t forget to bring your friends and get down tonight. Hosted by Do LaB and jUkE jOiNt, this official Sebastopol Lightning in a Bottle Pre-Party is laced with performances from iLL.GATES, SugarBeats, Malarkey and Krakinov. For an event you won’t want to miss, get your tickets now!




The Catalyst with Minnesota and Bleep Bloop

April 29th at 8pm

There’s nothing like the melodic beats of Minnesota, Bleep Bloop, LabRat and Andrew The Pirate to get you in the festival spirit. If Lightning in a Bottle is feeling just a little too far away, quench your festival thirst with this chart-topping pre-party hosted by Do LaB and The Catalyst. The official Santa Cruz Lightning in a Bottle Pre-Party, you won’t want to miss. Get your tickets here!




DEEP Exhale in the Sky

April 29th at 5:30pm

Yoga and Marques Wyatt on a DTLA rooftop. What more could you ask for? Come stretch your body and mind while taking in the breathtaking Los Angeles views and enjoying the hypnotic and transcendent sounds that Marques Wyatt and Cristi C seem to effortlessly create. Whether you are going to LIB or not, this unique pre-party experience hosted by Do LaB, DEEP LA and Bender will definitely be one not to miss. An afternoon of yoga dance with Marques Wyatt and Cristi C on a beautiful Downtown LA rooftop? Do we even have to tell you to get your tickets now?!




1015 Folsom with Neon Indian, KRANE, and Headphone Activist

May 5th at 10pm

California knows how to party! We sure do, and it shows with this San Francisco LIB pre-party. With a swanky venue and lit beats combine with this Do LaB, DJ DIals and 1015 Folsom hosted event. Neon Indian, KRANE, HeadPhone Activist, Purple Disco Machine, Flamingosis, KMLN, Kaminanda and many more take the stage! Get your tickets here!




Haven Underground with Sabo and Lucas Crowe

May 5th at 9pm

Las Vegas has nothing on Lightning in a Bottle! Do LaB, LVC and HeartBass welcome you to the official Nevada City Lightning in a Bottle Pre-Party with Sabo and Lucas Crowe. Come out early to enjoy a delicious Last Supper Club dining experience before the music begins. This dance and dine combo puts the strip to shame. Great food, great music, and great people just a few weeks away from the main event to wet your appetite. Get your tickets at the door!


Featured Image by Eric Allen

by: Shoshana Luria

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